Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Six


Mia, Yuli, and White Blaze scream out for Kayura as she gets lifted by the
slime monster. Having the slime being slippery, Kayura loses her grip on
the Starlight Swords. White Blaze attacks but is knocked out of the way.
Yuli tries to tell the Staff of the Ancients to do something. Mia suddenly
takes the wakizaka that she had and runs toward to the slime cutting Kayura
free. Without any hesitation, Kayura blasts the slime monster with her
“Star Scream Sword”. Knowing that the special attack of Kayura attracted
the enemy, they run back to the street level. Knowing Tokyo very well, Mia
knows exactly where the guys ate because it was her who gave the directions
to the restaurant. Yuli wonders what they are going to see there, and as
they get there they notice Mia’s red jeep which was still parallel parked.
Mia drives the red jeep, and they head out of the city and back to Mia’s
house so they can figure out what to do next. A building blasted at it’s
foundation crumbles and begins to fall trying to crush Mia and others in the