Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Seven

Kayura gets the Staff of the Ancients and mutters a spell causing the
building to stop in place, so Mia’s jeep and White Blaze can get through.
As they get out of the city, they begin to talk. Yuli asks Mia where did
she get the courage to fight, and Mia doesn’t know. Kayura says it could be
the armor that controlled her. Mia then asks Kayura where the other three
Dark Warlords were, and Kayura explains that they turned into balls of light
and shot into different directions. As they drove to Mia’s house, they find
that every place that they have passed has no power, which begins to worry
Mia because she forgot to recharge the batteries for her computer. As they
get to Mia’s house, she finds out that she has no power in her house. Mia
goes to her study and finds the hand held computer. Using it to the best of
her knowledge and ability, it was still useless to work with anything with
it. On the floor she notices the picture of her grandfather and her on the
floor and the glass being shattered. Kayura, Yuli, and White Blaze enter
the room where Mia was in and begin to see her cry and say that it’s