Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Eight

White Blaze walks up to Mia and begins rubbing his head against her back
trying to comfort her. Yuli notices that the printer has printed out some
pages and goes over to look at them. His eyes widen as he begins to read
the information out loud. Mia looks up and looks at Yuli wondering where he
got the information from. Yuli tells that the printer printed something,
but Mia explains that she didn’t print anything. She turns around and looks
at the picture that was on the floor and thought that somehow the picture
fell onto the keyboard and printed the information out from the new file
directory. Reading the information while Yuli gives an explanation to
Kayura about the present, so she wouldn’t be destroying anything (though she
got scared by Mia’s battery operated cuckoo clock and whacked it off the
wall with her sword). Mia comes running to Yuli and Kayura explaining about
when then Ronin Warriors were split up the tornado (happened in episode 2)
that it did the same thing to the three Dark Warlords. Mia says they should
find the Dark Warlords. Kayura doesn’t believe such poem will work to find
them, but Mia tells her that it will work. They get back into the jeep and
head for the first destination in where Cale was located.