Ronin Warriors II
by Ray (Sharkyland)

Episode Ten

Mia travels to the place where Sekhmet was which was another cave but it was
condemned to the poisonous snakes that live in the area. Knowing that the
enemy was going to attack, Kayura tells Cale, Mia, Yuli, and White Blaze to
find Sekhmet. Cale doesn’t like the idea and decides to stay with Kayura.
Mia, Yuli, and White Blaze go into the cave and they amazed to see the
amount of snakes that was inside of the cave though they mostly remained
obedient letting them pass. Mia says that Cale can control wolves easily
and probably Sekhmet controls snakes easily. As they get through the
snakes, they find Sekhmet in the middle of a poisonous pit. Mia wonders on
how they are going to get him. As Mia dips her top into the pit, she
screams in pain as the poison begins to damage the Armor of Ogre. Cale and
Kayura come running back in after being chased by Strunht who was entirely
made out of rock. Kayura explains that Strunht seems to heal himself fast
when he is damaged. Mia asks Kayura and Cale what they were going to do and
getting to Sekhmet won’t be easily. Cale gets an idea and tells Mia to hand
over the kusari-gama, which Mia does so. Cale uses his strength to launch
the kusari-gama across the pit and to make it act like a tightrope for
Kayura to get across. They do this and Kayura gets across and frees Sekhmet
from his prison. Sekhmet then uses his venom to poison the healing system
of Strunht killing him. Strunht knowing he was losing lets out his final
attack “Stone Blast Annihilation” which sends rocks flying over the place
and one of the rocks slams into the poisonous pit blinding Mia. Yuli begins
to cry because they needed Sage to cure Mia’s blindness though Sekhmet drops
some poison into Mia’s eyes, and she can see again. As they get out of the
cave, Mia admits that she doesn’t know where to find Dais.