Last Regards
By Angel Warlord


Mia sat on her bed, starring at the rose. It wasn't a complete rose, thanks
to Cale. It had been a week after Ryo got the swords of fervor, but the
dynasty was already back. So far, no sign of the warlord of cruelty.

Mia walked over to her balcony door, swinging it open, hoping he would
be sitting in that tree like he always used to.

The only thing that greeted her, was the brisk wind.

"Mia?" A small voice asked, she knew it was Yuli.

"Yes, Yuli?" Right now, Mia only wanted solitude.

Yuli hesitated before entering her room. "What do you think Talpa's going
to do to Cye,Kento, and Sage?"

Three of the ronin warriors had already been caught, only Ryo and Rowen

"I don't know Yuli" Mia truly did know, but didn't want someone else telling
her they had to go rescue them.

"Ryo seems upset" He sat down in a chair.

Mia shut the balcony door, convinced that the only thing out there was the
night air. "He's just worried"

Yuli looked up at her. "Are you worried too, Mia?"

"Of course, Yuli. Why don't you go downstairs?" Mia was getting frusterated.

It took him awhile, but the young boy finally left Mia alone.

Tension had been between Ryo and Mia for quite sometime, though they didn't
let Rowen or Yuli know. When you fall in love with a dynasty warlord, those
things happen.

She only wondered, if the other warlords and ronins were released, what
had happened to Anubis?