Chapter One

By Sally

He pulled his deep blue, early eighties' model firebird to the front of
the house. As he got out of the car, he looked at his surroundings. Things
hadn't changed very much in the past year. Spring was in the air and
everything was beginning to bloom. He looked over to see Mia's jeep parked
in the driveway. The smile that came across his lips couldn't be resisted.
He took a deep breath and walked towards the

''I'm gonna kick your ass this time, Ryo.''

''No way Kento! This game is mine!''

The two were on the floor playing one of their numerous video games when
the doorbell rang.

Cye was watching them, while Rowen and Sage sat on one of the couches,
playing cards.

''Cye, could you get that?'' Kento asked.

''Yeah, yeah. Always me. Maybe I'd like to sit and relax once in a ...''
he mumbled as walked towards the door and opened it.

''Hello, Torrent,'' the familiar voice said.

''Holy shit!'' Cye exclaimed.

This brought the other four boys running. They stared at the figure in
the doorway, jaws dropped, not believing their eyes.

''Anubis?!'' Ryo said.

He looked pretty much the same. But, he didn't. He had the same
shoulder length crimson hair. His green eyes still flashed with untold
knowledge. He stood with that same sense of pride. Yet, seeing him in a
white dress shirt with black jeans and boots, he looked like a regular guy.
No one would guess in a thousand years that he was actually around 300 years
old. The former wielder of the Armor of Cruelty and prodigy of the Ancients.

''Actually, it's Alex now. May I come in?''

''Yes, yes, of course,'' Cye said. ''C'mon, guys, get out of the way.''

They moved to the side, still staring awestruck. Anubis walked into the
living room where the paused game still sat. He seemed to be looking for
something. Or someone. Sage noticed this.

''Mia isn't here right now,'' he said.

Anubis nodded. ''I suppose you are all wondering what I'm doing here.''

''Actually, we're all wonderin' what ya doin' alive,'' Rowen blurted out.

''Yeah, man. You fell. Mia and Yuli said you died. What happened?''
Kento asked.

''Please, come sit. I'll explain everything.''

The Ronins gathered around Anubis and listened intently as he told his
tale. Questions were asked and answered. By the end, they were all laughing
and joking, like old friends. But one question still remained.

Ryo asked, ''But Anu..., uh, Alex, why did you decide to come here? Why
didn't you stay with Kayura and the Warlords and help them rebuild the

''Well, I...''

They heard a car pull up outside.

''Sounds like Mia's back from her date with (sigh) Bobby,'' Cye said,
fluttering his lashes in mock admiration.

No one noticed Anubis' eyebrows furrow. Am I too late!

''Lo-oo-ser!'' Kento and Rowan both said, their fingers in the shape of
''L'''s on their foreheads.

Anubis smiled. Perhaps not.

''Why the hell is she still with him?'' Sage asked.

''Maybe he's good in bed,'' Kento said.

''Eww, man, that's gross. Anyway, they haven't gone that far.''

''How do you know, Ryo?''

''Kento, didn't ya know the Wildfire is see all know all,'' Rowen chided.

''Shut up, Rowen. They just have similar interests.''

''Legends and history can only take you so far. What's the point if you
don't click when reality and the present rear their heads?'' Sage asked.

The question hung in the air as the door opened.

''Whose car is that?''

''I don't know. Maybe the boys have a friend over.''

''Those kids are all here again aren't they? And this time with a
friend. I swear, Mia. Kick them out! Make them find their own place to

''I'll say it again, Bobby. I will not! They're family to me. We all
get along just fine.'' They walked into the kitchen.

''Yeah, well, just once I'd like to come back to your place and find it
empty. I don't understand why we don't go back to my place.''

''Because, Bobby, you're a slob.''

''So, help me clean up a little, it'd be fun,'' he went to put his arms
around her.

''What! Now I'm your housekeeper. Bobby....''

''Mia.'' Cye walked into the room.

She let out a sigh and turned to him, ''Yes, Cye.''

''Sorry to interrupt but there's someone here who'd like to see you.''

''Really? Who?''

Cye just smiled and led her into the living room.

As she turned the corner, her eyes flew wide open. Her hand sprung to
her mouth as she let out a loud gasp. Was that really him standing there?

''Hello, Mia.''

''Anubis,'' she whispered.

She flew to him and threw her arms around his neck. His automatically
went around her waist. The Ronins looked at one another and they all smiled.

Mia pulled back to look up at him.

''How, why, what are you doing here?''

''It's kind of a long story,'' he replied, wiping the tears from her

''You have time, right. I mean you're not going anywhere, are you?''

''No. You don't have to worry about that,'' he smiled.

Mia smiled back at him.

''Ahem. Hello! Boyfriend here.''

Mia realized she and Anubis were still holding eachother. She went to
pull away but he wouldn't let her. The look he gave Bobby nearly made the
creep jump out of his skin.

''Uh, Bobby...''

The boys came to her rescue, once again.

''See, Bobby. Alex is an old frienda ours,'' Rowen started,

''Yeah, he's been out of town for almost six months now,'' Cye said.

''He kinda surprised us, but we were hoping we could catch up on old times
together,'' Ryo said as he grinned.

Mia turned to look at Bobby.

''How 'bout I call you tomorrow?''

''Well, why don't I...''

'' You heard the lady. Time to go, Bobby,'' Kento said as he walked
towards him.

''Now, wait a minute...''

''Look, dude, don't make me throw you out. Cause it won't be on your
ass, it'll be on your head.''

Kento stared down Bobby. He may have been a little taller than Kento,
but there was no way he could beat that strength. He looked at them all in
turn, then stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Mia looked back at Anubis.


''Mia, will you take a walk with me?''

''I think that's a good idea.''

Anubis held out his arm to allow Mia to go first. As they walked towards
the door, he turned back
to the boys.

''Don't wait up,'' he said.