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Scarlet Past
Chapter One


Dusk was starting to set on Tokyo as the last member of the Koji bloodline arrived home. Tonight I can get some peace she thought to herself. She opened the door and said, "Guys I'm home." Living with five teenagers, with magical armors, a small boy, and a giant white tiger certainly made her life a challenge nowadays.

Mia frowned when she heard no reply and set down her briefcase. Suddenly she heard bickering coming from the living room. She rushed down the hall and saw ten armored warriors screaming at the top of their lungs. A tall blue haired woman who was sitting on the couch walked over to her shaking her head profusely.

"Kayura what's going on here," said Mia trying to talk over the men.

" A large disagreement. Men I swear," said Kayura smiling.

" Why?" asked Mia confused, mainly because this isn't what she wanted to come to.

"Pride for their female host, as usual." The blue haired woman said smugly. Mia laughed, she knew how childish they could act.

The warriors all stopped arguing when they saw Mia laughing. Each began blushing sending Mia into riot. Kayura softly elbowed Mia to issue her attention to the guys.

"It's not funny," said Dais pouting.

"Yes it is...can you tell Mia what's going on "said Kayura smiling. Mia sobered slowly and tried to listen. She just wanted everything to be okay again, she hoped highly that it was good news.

"Well there is a new leader in the Dynasty...we think he's up to no good and is planning something soon." said Sekmet drawing nods from the other three Warlords.

"So these four thought they could stay here," said Kento pointing to the Warlords.

"Yeah we thought you wanted privacy and... said Ryo finishing for Kento.

Anubis stopped and stared at Mia in wonder. He took in the flush of her skin and the shine if her auburn hair, the way the strands escaped her braid and lay on her neck. The cure of her shoulders and the way the long white cotton dress fell over her body. The dress was very short and her pale legs glowed in the heat as if she just but lotion on them. He sucked in his breath as he caught his self in her splendor.

"Stop right there Ryo I know you meant well but it's for the good of us all. I can get my privacy anytime I want okay. It's for the good of the world. But I thank you guys for the consideration. Then if it's settled, I'll get your rooms ready." She glared at them, rubbing her hands together and sighed softly. Everyone avoided her glare except Anubis, who had mysterious penetrating stare in his eye. She shook the thought out of her head and headed up stairs.

A half and hour later she came back down in a red sweater and jeans and went to the kitchen. She began cooking chicken as she heard the door slowly crack open. She saw a familiar shadow creeping and caught the hand reaching for the food.

"Kento," she said disappointed "you can wait. Do me a favor and go and get Yuli from the playroom will you." scolded Mia

"Sorry Mia, it just smells so good, be back soon," he said smiling sheepishly and while rubbing the back of his head and quickly retreated out the door.

Mia's features softened as she went back to cooking and began humming her favorite tune. Anubis quietly crept into the kitchen watching Mia with her back turned to him. He was caught up in her song and beautiful voice. He wanted to tell her what he felt so badly but was afraid she would refuse him.

Mia turned around and saw she had a guest, "Oh Anubis I didn't see you sitting there"

"That's quite all right," he said. She couldn't help but wonder why he looked so cute. As always he was over dressed in neatly pressed trousers, white shirt and jacket. So business-like now that he was on earth and that heightened his handsome facial traits. She thought she'd always treasure his face- the strong lines, the blue of his eyes, the sensual curve of his lip. Once she during a visit she had seen a five o'clock shadow on him and it had taken her breath away. Like she was given a chance to get an illegal glimpse at him.

She liked him before and it was out of question that they could be together when he died. But when he came back to her realm he seemed so willing and free she was attracted to him even more. Talpa was gone and it was time for everyone to start fresh.

Where are the guys?" she asked trying to make a conversation when he caught her gaze.

"Outside playing football with white blaze," he said.

"I should have guessed," Mia said trying to escape the gleam in his eyes. She grabbed plates out of the lower cupboard and yelled "Dinners ready" Suddenly bright colors ran by Mia and went by in a whirl. Everyone ran by Mia rushing to get to the table and Kayura trailed the group walking slowly, like any normal person.
"Guys slow down," Mia said with her patience wearing thin. Anubis said, "You think they haven't eaten in there life.

By the time Mia had finished serving the boys and straightening the kitchen everyone was done.

"Anubis, why haven't you eaten?" Mia asked feeling foolish that she forgot about him sitting there

"I figured that you would have no one to eat with you. And I refuse to let a woman of your caliber eat alone." It was true he never wanted to let her out of his sight as long as he could help it although he never let her in on it.

"Why thank you," she said and began fixing them a plate.



While they were eating they discussed the Dynasty's latest ruler, Mia's new job, Anubis' return, and freak storms that were heading their way.

"…Is that right?" she asked.

"Yes," he agreed. She smiled and she quickly dropped her gaze. She looked so pretty to him at her table, it felt so right for him to be there. He'd never imagined the woman he'd marry. The concept was never one he really considered. But he could imagine her every where any day.

He drew in another breath and looked at her again, at her bowed head, and shining hair, and was surprised at the emotion that emanated from him. He felt a peculiar possessiveness toward her. Irrational, nonsensical, but undeniable.

Later that night Anubis laid on his bed, dreaming of how Mia had captured his heart. Everything about her seemed utterly feminine: her slender fingers and forearms, her neck and the hollows beneath her cheekbones. He couldn't help remembering the first time he saw her when she was captured by them, the manner in which she held her head up and the way her lower lip trembled. He wanted her to protect her then, even though it was from him. He still wanted to. He came out of his state as he heard something in the kitchen.

He slowly crept down stair in a panther like stride. He saw the kitchen doors that lead to the outside slightly cracked open. Jagged spears of lighting struck the earth leaping from black clouds above the mountaintops. Anubis looked out in to the night and another bolt collided as he spotted a human shadow moving in the distance.

He stared hard at the figure and noticed they had dark brown reddish hair, "…Mia," he whispered to himself. Mia could barely see or hear through the rain across the large estate. Cool breezes lifted strands of her hair and she closed her eyes and raised her face to it.

Anubis looked in awe as his angel dancing in the rain. He couldn't decide whether to hold his tongue or to call out to her. After arguing with his thoughts he settled on telling her. "Mia," he called, "it's me Anubis."

She stopped abruptly as she heard him and a worried expression was placed upon her brow. Where are you?" she said yelling. He stepped out from the shadow of the house so she could see him and she noticed how flushed he was.

Mia what are you doing out here this late in the dark and unprotected.

Nothing I just had to get some air. I enjoy being with nature. I'm coming in now anyway, I've been out here way to long." She said smiling, plucking the wet clothing from her skin.

"Mia, can I tell you something?" she nodded as he tried to continue by keeping his view away from her form, "I tried to change after I found out the truth of everything. Wait, I'm not saying this right"

"Anubis I-", started Mia but he raised his hand in protest and gulped trying to maintain what dignity he had left.

" Mia ever since I've known you, you have been kind and caring. Ever since I saw you, since we've been on the same side, I saw a strength, a beauty, you made me feel as though I had nothing and you owned the world. I've forgotten how to live Mia and I want you to show me how…together" he said running his hands through his hair. He wasn't sure what was going on himself but he knew he'd regret it if he look up into her face.

"I can't believe this," she whispered to herself. She hardly could see herself in this position in a rainstorm, but if he was saying she thought, she was ready to burst like a seed of hope ready to sprout.

"I want you to be my soul, my other half Mia," he said laughing at how odd he even sounded to himself. She was speechless as the rain poured down on the two as though time was standing still only for them. Unable to resist his eyes met hers suddenly felt all right with the world.

He abruptly sobered as he realized something; "Maybe you don't love me."

She was shaking her head with tears brimming in her eyes. In between sobs she told him how she had loved him.

"You do?" he asked shocked that she too felt the same way.

"Hai,' she said giving him a small smile.

He never knew whether it was Mia, who finally tipped her face up to his or whether it was he who cupped her face in his hands, but somehow they were looking into each other eyes. And then he kissed her.


Megumi turned her head away as she looked down at the newly found lovers. He was torturing her soul by loving another woman. He loved her and left her. She quietly turned to the tapestries, as she could not longer bear to look in to the vision of pool. It's glassy surface held her love and hate, and all she had known. Lord Belarus gave her the Pool of Sight for her to spy upon the Earth's warriors, or was it torture for her to have to watch them be free and love again? She could no longer make up her mind, for her heart and mind were not one.

After all she had done for him, she even thought forgave him for the incident, but this was crooked. She'd rather have her heart cut out than to witness this. She would never forgive him for that day and closed her eyes as it came back to her.

Anubis led her up a winding narrow road that lead to a shallow stream into the mountains north of the city. Megumi was struck by the beauty of the sheer rock walls, the clear running water, and the surprising color of it. The stream leaping the tumbling rocks between the silver trees.

"I love it," Megumi said as he wrapped his arms around her. It was cool in the valley wonderment in the midst of fields. Soon they could be together thought Megumi, he was to become a solider for his country and then they would wed.
I'm glad he replied and they just sat in comfortable silence watching the sunset, but stole glances of each other at every available chance.

Without warning the sky grew dark and several fighters came out of a large portal and began attacking Anubis. Megumi ran to hide behind a rock. Anubis finished the warriors off quickly. A large sinister man crept up and grabbed Megumi. She didn't feel fear for she knew her love would save her. "Or so I thought," she said subconsciously. Anubis turned in time to see him run his dagger across her throat and she slumped to the ground. She wept as he saw her and Anubis walked away. She began to feel cold and wanted the warmth of her beloved.

Megumi ran her hand across the wound, she had had it for a 200 years and realized it and the pain it caused her wouldn't go away and tears slowly trickled down her pale cheek. She wanted to forgive him but couldn't. She spent the last hundred years wandering with the lost dead until her true love discovered her and gave her her own arms. She would not make the same mistake twice; she vowed her life upon it.

Anubis watched with no indication of feelings and that wretched her heart more than the death. If he wouldn't have ran off in search of the one who did murder her and left her, she wouldn't have spent her last few minutes on earth alone.

Megumi wiped her face as she thought of the pain and anguish she was going to cause him, he soon would know the fury of hell and yet he couldn't die until his duty was done, and laughed at the ironic position he'd be put in.

"Lady Megumi, What are you doing?" said a shadow figure behind her. He wanted to reach out to her, knowing that her soul was aching, but decided not to.

" Just checking on our victims Morgus," said Megumi catching her self. She bent further down so her long emerald locks cover her face to hide her weeping. He nodded not persisting any further. "Tomorrow I will continue with the plan, make sure yours give me about ten reinforcements, they have several armored ones in that house. If you have to, seek permission from Lord Belarus."

"We'll since you have everything under control I will leave you to yourself," he said fading back in to the darkness of the Dynasty.

She went to her chamber; she smiled in satisfaction as she began designing the justice that he had bestowed upon her all those years ago.