Scarlet Past
By Wine

Chapter Two


Rays of sunlight shone throughout Mia's room as her eyes fluttered open. She rolled over on her back only to see Anubis beside her. She smiled as she remembered last night how they ended their talk. Only moving to a communication of a different kind.

She watched him sleep and the image of Anubis would not leave her. Tousled in the sheets with a muscular arm flung out casually, his bare chest visible, it drove her crazy. It was long minutes before she could stumble into the bathroom. She showered, still trying to free herself from the hold of the memory.

Mia dressed and padded into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Oddly enough she was grinning like an idiot and couldn't contain it much longer.

Anubis slowly rolled over and felt no warmth from the woman he had set his heart on waking up next to, he bolted straight up. Could I have scared her away? Was pouring his heart his out to her too much. Thousands of questions swam through his head as he got up from the bed.

Anubis quickly threw on his garments and rushed downstairs. He saw how happy she was and she walked over and greeted him with a kiss. He just looked at her in amazement, and saw what made him fall in love with her.
She was so…cute. He had to admit she looked so adorable in a dark green oversized T-shirt with a raised hieroglyphics motif across her breast. Her tights were black showing off her shapely trim legs. She was wearing her hair in a French braid, with wisps carefully lying on her neck. Her cheeks were flushed and she turned slightly and smiled when she saw him.

She acted as though it never occurred to her that she should be feeling helpless and out of her depth with all the warriors in her house. Instead of following everyone's lead she held her own with everyone. She dug up information on their enemy, held to the jewel of life, and saw to their welfare no matter how difficult or dirty. She never complained anymore than him and she was a better nurse than the armor.

Then there was her spirit, God help them. She was his equal if not superior to his. She challenged everyone's opinions and held her own, without armor. She was matching him stride for stride. They suited each other, even the other Warlords noticed.

"...Anubis," she said lightly slapping his arm. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat and she couldn't figure out why he kept spacing out on her.

"Huh...what," he stuttered out. He took a deep breath, and could still smell the rain that of which mingled with hers, summer rain and woman; it was driving him crazy.

"I've call your name three times before you came around. Is something wrong," she said oblivious to his reaction to her. She braced her self for the worst. She hadn't seen that look upon his face since he'd found that Talpa had been using him.

"No, I was just lost in thought. Seems the Warriors are up," he said pointed to the door where Kento, Sage, and Ryo came stumbling through seconds later. Mia gasped as realized he had extra sensory hearing, the man just kept surprising her. The boys sleepily rubbed their eyes as they sat on the stools and laid their heads down the kitchen counter.

"Morning Guys," said Mia, "What'll you have?" she asked grabbing a large bowl from the cabinet.
Kento's eyes lit up and he began to name of a number of items. Mia grew wide-eyed at the possibility that he actually wanted her to actually make all of that food.

"Kento, Mia can't cook that much in time, besides bottomless pit we have to eat too," said Sage. Kento grunted and look at the floor in frustration as everyone giggled at Kento's rumbling stomach.

"Anubis why are you up so early," asked Ryo in between yawns. Anubis looked at Mia, who's back was to everyone then opened his mouth to speak very slowly, " I…Uhh…couldn't sleep" Ryo peered at Mia and then back at Anubis. Something was going on here that he didn't know about.



Moment's later Kayura came flying down the stairs dressed in the Ancient's garbs with the rest of the household trailing her, "Someone is attacking, prepare yourselves. Mia and Yuli stay here," she cried. Everyone armored up and dashed out side leaving Mia dazed and confused.

The sky grew dark as ten large soldiers jumped from a dark portal in the sky. The wind blew slightly as if it were crying out for help. The creatures from the woods behind the house scattered in fear. Everyone had an uneasy feeling that sunk to the pit of their stomachs, and called upon their armor. The warriors stood they're ground as they readied for battle. "White Blaze, go protect Mia and Yuli," said Ryo snatching out his katanas. White Blaze replied with a low growl as Ryo swung his swords.

Sekhemt threw a punch the fighter who ducked and pulled a sword out of his sheath. The fighter struck at Sekhemt. Sekehemt let his chains fly and grab the fighter; they squeezed the fighter and the armor crumpled to the ground. Dais looked over to the fighter as the helmet of the fighter began to give off a funny light. Well I'll be darned. "Guys these fighters aren't even human, they are controlled pieces of tin," he yelled out.

"Alright lets kick some butt, but something doesn't seem right. Why would they just come to fight when they know they're gonna lose," he tried to finish but was cut off as a fighter attacked him from the side.


White Blaze growled and went into the house to protect Mia and Yuli who were on their way to the basement as they had planned so many times before. White Blaze ears twitched slightly as he heard a movement upstairs. Motioning them into the basement he pranced up upstairs and opened the door only to be thrust to the ground.
Mia turned and lifted her head as she heard a loud thud. "Yuli stay here, don't move at all for whatever reason. Got that." He nodded slightly and smiled he knew everything would be all right. The warriors or Mia had never let him down.

Mia slowly crept around the stairs and made her way to the 3rd floor. She quietly cracked the door open only to see a lady with her eyesight fixed on something in the corner. Mia opened the door further to see White Blaze fall to floor in a large heap. The woman turned her head hearing the door crack open and had her view set on Mia and snickered slightly, "I really don't know what he sees in you. But there's no time for that, come Mia…with me."
"Look lady I'm not going anywhere especially with you." Mia said swallowing her fear till it reached the back of her throat. She prayed that they'd come to her rescue and the training that they gave her during the attacks would be of help.

"Well then, we'll have to do it the hard way. Armor of Temptation…Dao Chi" She was engulfed in sheets and flowers of every color. The helmet of gold hid her emerald locks. Her ankles and arm bracers shone of a dark mysterious red. Unlike other armors this one took the shape of a short Kimono almost as a dress, giving off a gold shine. She grabbed her double-edged staff with a small insignia and shape of a bird on it. She grabbed the staff and twirled it around showing her "Mia it's time to come with us."

Mia imprisoned by this amazing sight broke free of the spell and sprinted downstairs. "Guys help me," she screamed opening the door and heading outside. Everyone was so busy fighting the Dynasty soldiers she had trouble getting their attention. Mia began to panic and quickly ran to the first one she saw.

"Dais" she said trying to keep away form the fight.

"Mia look out" Dais slightly picked her up and moved her out of the way of the blue light coming from the fighter's sword. Hey someone help! Mia needs help but I got this fighter on my back.

Kento punch a warrior in the face, hearing Dais telepathically and turned as he noticed Mia running away. Before he could blink she was encircled by a strange light green light. "Mia," he cried thrusting the fighter in the face.

Anubis pivoted away from his fighter and kicked his legs out from under him. He heard Mia call his name and ran back to the yard and stopped in his tracks.

"Let her go," he said feeling the anger build up inside of him. Seeing her fear stricken wretched at his heart and made him want to kill like never before.

"Orders Anubis...You have no right," she said taking her helmet off, "leave a girl and you forget about her. Well let's see how you like me taking her"

"Megumi? How could this be?" he asked puzzled

"Well dear husband I must say I'm surprised at how you go and cheat. Mia heard this and didn't know whether to cry or die were she stood. He couldn't be married to another woman…he was the warrior of loyalty. Mia looked down only to see that Megumi was lifting her. Megumi whispered a spell as a portal opened. Megumi shoved Mia into the portal and turned to the rest of the warriors who had just finished of her men.

"Well time to die. Immortal Wings of Devotion Strike," she screamed causing her voice to echo throughout the valley. Megumi concentrated and moved her staff around in a circle, then thrusted it out in midair. A large gust of wind blew as the sky darkened and all the birds scattered. The wind speed grew and turned into a green flashing light coming from every direction in which the warriors could not escape.

Kayura struck her staff in to ground and the chains on the tip began moving slightly as though they were dancing to the wind. A large blue barrier surrounded them as the ground began to shake. Megumi jumped into the portal scowling at the Ancient. The black portal slowly closed up, everyone watched in horror.

The Ronins look at one another at disgust and the Warlords had faces full of sorrow. The had let Mia down, the main source of everything they had. No one could utter a word. For that moment it seemed the world had grown cold and barren, that they were the only ones left and all hope was lost. Non of them had the terror stricken features of Anubis and who in frustration hit a nearby tree causing it to lean slightly. A few minutes ago they were all talking and laughing in the kitchen, now his love was gone…someone had to pay.

"Guys we need to talk," said Kayura breaking the tension in the air.