Scarlet Past
By Wine

Chapter Three


The sun was making its way overhead as each of the warriors started to clean the debris from the last fight. Kento threw the last fighter's body into the pile. Kale stopped as moving as the wind hushed to a whisper. Every Warrior turned to each other in silence. They seemed to hold their breath as if they were waiting for something to happen. Suddenly a blood-curdling scream pierced the air and ringed in their ears.

"The dynasty…it was Mia I'm sure of it," said Sage. He wasn't sure but something told him. Something he couldn't put his finger on.

"But how could we hear it?" asked Cye. He was now confused more than ever. He already felt bad that he had let her get taken but now they were hurting her: he would make sure they have a slow death.

"That's another question we have to answer," said Dais in the most comforting voice he could muster up. He may not felt about Mia as deeply as the others but he knew what it was like to lose a loved one.


"Anubis sit down," said Dais, "You're making everyone nervous." Anubis glared at him as though he was going to rip his heart out; Dais gulped and sank into a chair. Kayura had gathered everyone into the living hoping to get some answers. Yuli softly crept into the living room and sat next to White Blaze on the floor. He had been crying since Mia been abducted and couldn't help blaming himself. "I'm sorry guys. I wasn't able to protect her."

"Hey buddy it's not your fault. You did what she asked you to do, she would be proud," said Kento. Yuli lifted his head to see everyone nodding in agreement.

"Okay what should we do now," asked Cye.

"First we need some information on this girl and whom she works for," said Rowen gaining nods from everyone again.

"Anubis why did she call you husband?" asked Sekhemt tilting his head toward Anubis.
Anubis clenched his fists and let out a low grunt. He felt everyone's gazed upon him and felt like he was a trained elephant in the circus. "A long time ago we were courting but she was killed. She never had any armor so I wouldn't know were she got it from."

"But why Mia?" Kale asked as he leaned his back against the wall.

"We don't know but some one needs to check her computer. Rowen how about you, you up to it." He nodded slowly and she continued. "Ryo and the guys will stay here, is there somewhere Yuli can go?"

"His mother's friend might be able to watch him," said Sage

"Why can't I stay here this time? What makes this guy different that Talpa," cried Yuli outraged.

"Well, mainly because Mia always took care of you why we were fighting. Now that she's been…captured, no one can watch you while we kick Dynasty butt," Kento blurted out. Yuli smiled back with satisfaction.

"Great I'm going to go check in the other realms the warlords are coming with me. We'll get her back. So get to work. Anubis stay I need to talk to you." Everyone quickly evacuated the living room to give them their privacy.

"Do you love her?" she asked calmly.

"What??" He asked. This was just to early for them to know. But deep inside he didn't feel confused, it was only a problem in his mind. Yet his heart was emblazed with a wild passion.

"What didn't you understand? Do you love her? I've been watching you lately and your day dreaming and you stutter so much when you're around her. I hear the other Warlords talking too." She smiled at him.

He made a personal note to kill the Warlords his self, "Yes," he croaked out trying to retain his feelings and the wrenching at his heart.

"Does she love you," He nodded and she continued, "This is going to cause problems. I presume the others don't know about this so it will be our secret. SO tell me what really happened."



Mia screamed and sat up and found her self in an exquisite room. I'm okay she thought to herself. The dark cherry wood and drapes reflected off of the candles lit around the room. Her sheets on her bed her so soft she felt like she could slide off into heaven. The feeling burned at her touch, she wanted to be home with her friends, her love. She jumped up out of the bed as she heard steps approaching at her door.

Megumi stepped in and said, "SO your finally awake lets go"

Mia hesitated, as she couldn't think. Should I go? Well I have no choice because I have no armor and the guys have no clue where I am." Megumi grabbed her arm and dragged her down a cold stairwell. Mia stumbled as Megumi tighten her grasp on Mia. Mia glanced around only to see several masked figures with black cloaks standing in a straight line.

"Dress her for the 'bringing' quickly now" said Megumi turning quickly sending her long flowing emerald hair down her back. Mia slightly cringed as she saw Megumi's fiery onyx eyes filled with hate that seemed to burn the soul. Megumi quickly turned and walked back up the stairs.

One of the figures approached her and began to take her clothes off. Mia was ready to scream when she heard a soft melodious voice, " We will not hurt you Lady Mia, just cooperate with us."

Mia felt that the servant was in the same place as she, trapped and slowly calmed down. She looked at the tub that was bigger than any river she's had every seen. The craftsmanship was perfect. The marble tub was centered in the room with a large fire pit beneath it The bath was wonderful to Mia, she missed the usually pampering she had before Talpa and the guys arrived. The smell of jasmine, petals, and other fragrances filled the air as she slipped in and out of consciousness.

Mia was dragged from the bath and dressed in a dark green kimono, with red trim to match her dark hair. They added paint that came from exotic palaces and realms. Mia glanced in a nearby mirror and felt she could not believe her eyes. Her eyelids were forest green and her lips rosy red. She felt as a character in the ancient fairy tales. The princess trapped with an evil man waiting for her prince to come, the irony was almost too much for her.

"Come," said one figure glancing at the stairway. The servants dived into two straight lines; all four walked slowly in front of Mia until they came to a large door. Mia heard a sinister type of laughter inside that made her feel uneasy. The servants walked opened the door and the same one said, " Go on Lady Mia"

Mia slowly walked into the bright hall. At the end of the room she could see a big burly man with fine lines. He extended his arm to her, which she nervously accepted and began to lead her toward the other end of the hall. Mia looked at the wall tapestries with scenes of wars on them. Mia looked in horror as each one had loose heads on the battlements, dying women and children; Mia tried to escape her thoughts from these horrible visions. She felt as though she could her all the towns people cry out to her for help.

"We're here," he said. Mia was led in what looked to be the throne room. Mia and her escort stopped at the throne and she bowed with him.

"Welcome Mia," said the voice at the throne. Mia looked up and saw his silver hair fall in his face, which he agitatedly shoved back into place. His boyish face lit up and his dark eyes shinned in the dimmed light. She noticed the two chairs next were full while the other empty. Mia peeked over to the person on his right and notice it was Megumi and swallowed hard. "Mia, Count Morgus sit." Mia quietly sat in between Morgus and the king.

Suddenly a table was brung out with a feast of deliquesces placed upon it. Everyone began to eat carrying on in conversation while Mia sat there in silence.

"Is there something wrong Lady Mia?" asked the king.

"I want to go home sire, with my friends, she said bluntly. She sat still and tried to maintain her focus on the door.

"No, I'm afraid that cannot be permitted. I need you here and call me Belarus."
It struck her with a curious forcefulness that the glimmers in his eyes were for her and he was flirting with her. Mia could hold on to her anger and frustration any longer. "Who are you to keep me here? Why did you drag me here?"

"Ah a bright red spitfire we have. Simply for you as bait and other reasons we will not discuss," said Belarus laughing heartily. Mia stood quickly and began to leave. Before she could take another step she was frozen to the ground. She struggled and found it useless and she coldly starred at the three.

"Count Morgus see that she gets to her room safely, will you please." Mia relaxed as she felt the pressure holding her release its cold grip from her. She glanced at Morgus who had a sad look in his eye. Confused and angry she was led back to her room.


Count Morgus let her enter but instead he went in with her. God, please don't let him hurt me. She let the thought sink in and she grew angry and fierce. I will not let them take me without a fight. Thoughts echoed throughout her head as he turned and looked at her.

Morgus slowly shut the door and inhaled only to see that Mia looked to kill. She was a bold wench.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I think you need to understand something here." Mia sat down in a chair slowly but did not take her eyes of the man. He continued, "Megumi and Anubis use to lover true. They were to be married because of their parent's agreement. She loved him with every thing she had; I do not know his, I mean Anubis' thoughts one this and therefore will not lie to you. We'll she was murdered and he left her outside to die and she never forgave him.

"Why am I here then?" she couldn't put her finger on it, it left her very confused and in the dark. Like a punishment with no crime, she wanted out and fast.

"I also do not think she was intending to kill you her fight is with Anubis. But Lord Belarus has other plans for you. I do not know what they are. But we are his slaves and I cannot be of anymore service to you."

Mia was angry, never had she felt such fury. Her love had been with another. Locked away from her friends and freedom, she felt as she were to die. She calmly dredged up strength from the pit of her soul and spoke in a weary voice, "Why are you telling me this?"

"I cannot say exactly." he said starting for the door, "Good Night Mia"

"Good night," she said in a hushed voice. She felt bad that they too were prisoners, but of the worst kind, the mind. There's nothing I can do till I get to the guys so, beside their not in as much danger as I am, she thought trying to persuade herself.

Playtime was over. Mia got up and found her clothes in the corner. She threw them on feeling better as though she had put her old self on. She stood for a moment in silence as a sly grin grew upon her face she flew to the corner of the room. She looked out the window and saw the drawbridge about two stories down. The moon was high in sky and shone brightly on the lustrous water in the moat. Mia carefully opened the window and slipped out onto the ledge. Now or never Mia. Time to get out of here.





"So that's how you two actually got together. We'll I always knew you liked her but I thought it was just a little crush. Well we are going to have to tell them, but for now gather the guys and I'll meet you at the regular place, let's go," said Kaurya as she sped off in a blue light.

Anubis could barely keep his mind on the task at hand while his heart was aching. He turned and looked at the kitchen door. He kept waiting for her to come out with her cheery voice or call them for a meal. He wanted to her soft footsteps across the floor move as though she were dancing. It was to hard for him to imagine any day without her in it.

He slowly took a deep breath as he called the guys. He then realized that the whole house reeked of her essence and saddened even more at that thought. He called loudly up the stairs, "Hey come on guys we have to go." Moments later his three companions came down stairs with long faces.

They all knew better than to say the wrong thing to Anubis, he was a time bomb ready to tick. It was more dangerous to be in his way now than ever. The armor of Cruelty had a new meaning to everyone. For once they felt bad for the enemy because once he got his hands on them there was no telling what was going to happen.
"Kayura said that we are to meet her at the regular place, so let's get going." They changed into there sub armor and quietly sped off toward the nether realm in a column of light.



Cye knocked on the door and put his hand back on the tray he had. He hoped that they had found something anything. The whole house seemed to become empty and gloomy. Her smiles radiated the house and light it like a candle. Now everyone seemed to be wondering in their own despair…she was so close to everyone.

"Come on in, said Rowen. Cye slowly opened the door to find Rowen at the computer. Ryo was hovering over him with a concentrated look on his face with White Blaze sleeping peacefully in the corner.. Cye came in and set the food on the table. "Hey you guys find anything yet? I got some dinner for you," Cye said trying to put smile on his face but it seemed impossible.

"No, I have no idea how Mia did it…everything is so confusing. It already night-fall and we haven't come up with anything," said Ryo with frustration. Mia always had the answers for him. She showed him how to be himself and the responsibility if being leader. For that he was very grateful to her, for supporting him when the team needed him most and when his honor had been at risk. I can't even help her when she done everything for me…I'm worthless.

"Kento's hardly eating anything, said Cye, "and I can't find Sage?"

"Well we all depended on Mia for some type of support. Kento feels okay with Mia even though she's smarter she doesn't make him feel stupid. He hadn't had a motherly figure for very long in his life. Even though he maybe strong he has slow self-esteem but she stuck by him and I think her too feels he let her down," said Rowen feeling bad. Mia was the only other brain he could relate to when it came to school and she made him feel as if he were average. She treated them all equal.

"Yeah, but I know Sage had had these talks with her. He really relied on her too. She was always on a different level with everyone but gave us all the same attention that we needed. I think she probably taught him how to really deal with women." They all chuckled at that thought.

"She's been there for all of use one way or another…so lets be there for her and get her back home," A new sense of urgency was pumping in their blood they were determined to get their friend back and soon.



Mia floated to the surface and swam to the land. Surprisingly the moat was not deep and but just enough so that she did not make a loud splash. Mia turned her nose up, as she smelled that the moat reeked of mud and foul water. Gently rising she crouched behind a rock careful not to alert the guards at the drawbridge. Mia bounded swiftly to close trees until she made her way into the forest slipping off in to the night.

Mia slowed to a walk as she heard a rustling in the bushes. Mia picked up the pace and ran until her feet hurt. Mia shielded her face from the trees that seemed to lash out at her. She stopped and leaned against a tree to catch her breath and glanced at the river. Its shinning waters glimmered in the pale moonlight. Mia slowly peered into its translucent surface. She looked at her face as it was scarred from the trees. She looked harder as she realized it was no longer her reflection… she cried out for her lover as she interred darkness.