Scarlet Past
By Wine

Chapter Four


Mia screamed and opened her eyes only to find herself gazing at sight beyond wonders. How can this be…I was in the forest a minute ago. Mia turned and shielded her eyes from the bright sun. She turned toward the moon and glanced back at earth. I'm in space, How did I get out here…how am I breathing.
Oddly enough she felt very comfortable and couldn't help but sigh in relief. The stars twinkled as they were winking at Mia. She had no fear and just looked in amazement without worrying at all. It was a heavenly view she had but she didn't know whether she was dead or alive… She wanted her love.

"Mia…Mia," the voice was calm and sweet like nectar, but Mia couldn't help but feel curious and frightened …she had no clue what was going on.

"What, who's there?" whispers filled her head like a gently breeze and startled her.

"I'm a friend."

"What are you and what am I doing here?" she relaxed but tension was still flying about her mind.

"Don't worry about that, you're in danger. Just look...all will be explained in due time."

"Me…why?" asked Mia flabbergasted. She just couldn't absorb everything that was happening

"Just remember thinks aren't always what they seem. Just let go." Mia didn't know why but she let it go; the pain, sorrow, and everything that made her human and then she felt something take over.
She looked at the visions as they flashed and disappeared. She had never seen such a beauty. Her mind could barely absorb the sights she had seen. She saw the earth's view of everything. She saw huge peaks, the crevices and cores, the valleys in steep rock faces perfectly clear. The smell of the deliciously fresh air on small isles warmed her so.

She was everywhere at once as though she were apart of it. All her senses were sharp. The life that pulsed through the Earth was immaculate; she could not take it in all at once. She began to truly see it's grace as she found her place in it. She wanted to weep that these beautiful sights; she saw how natures many lives formed, breeding and dying…they were all connected. She had an understanding of life, death, sadness, and happiness within moments all of life's secrets had been opened and explained to her. Yet she did not feel whole but understood her mission.



"So Megumi where was she?" asked Belarus as he stood over Mia's bed. He couldn't believe she had gotten away. He had certainly underestimated her and silently vowed to never make that mistake again.

"In the forest. I kept a small tracker on her and came through her image when she was at the pond," Megumi said as she called off her armor. Belarus nodded slightly at her methods and stood still.

She glanced at Mia again and her eyes began to water, she but her hand to her face in pure shock. I don't feel sorry for is impossible he made me, I have no feelings.

She looked so cold and pale, almost as thought she were a doll that a child had lost. She felt connected to her but could not figure why this girl from the mortal realm would know her. Although Anubis was her enemy she'd at least give Mia a few minutes with her lover, it mattered not to her…it wasn't her fault, she had never know his past. She shook the thoughts out of her head and softly spoke, "Excuse me sir, I'll leave you to your work."

"Good," he said as Megumi quietly shut the door behind her. Belarus turned to Mia and waved his hands above her body;


"Mother of all living things bring forth this wandering spirit. Juk'lyi fug cueha kurrw dshui garyml," sweat began to breakout on his body as he was in full concentration. His hands began to give off a strange light as he chanted.


Mia's body jerked as she felt herself being pulled downward. She struggled to stay hovering but was pulled harder till she let her mind go. Mia began to fall faster and faster. Mia couldn't let out a sound; she was in pure shock.

She saw earth and fell into the clouds. She saw the meadow and looked toward the brilliant moon. In the distance she could see the sea with moonbeams dancing upon it. She looked as she saw the mountainous valley as she approached it. The Dynasty…I'd rather be dead than go back. Faster she fell she began kicking and struggling. Mia fell into the trees as they scratched her up even more; she fell into fields and past the animals. Soon she slowed and was pulled back into her body lying on the table and into a weird looking chamber. I was better off where I was, I don't want to go back. They're going to hurt me, "…Anubis…Anubis" she cried out as he was sucked backing to her body Mia. She saw blackness as a light approached her, she realized she wasn't alone.


He looked at Mia slowly admiring her features. She looked even prettier when she fired up. She would be his finally after centuries of waiting. He really didn't want to use her to get Anubis' armor, but could think of nothing else. Now was going to have his love, but didn't know why she choose Mia. Of all the body's Bayaca could have taken over it had to be hers, but I might as well take the opportunity to get the Armor of Cruelty.


"Ryo I think I got something," come look at this said Rowen. His eyes were widened with suspicion and a wave of relief washed over him.

"What is it?" asked Ryo he was still tired from when he had to take over the last computer search shift. Ryo rolled off the chair and leaned over Rowen shoulder to get a better view and began reading. "Armor of Temptation, where'd that come from."

"I don't know but let me finish reading and I'll go and you go and get the rest of the guys. I'll meet you down stairs. Then we contact kayura and the gang and we figure something out form there, okay." Said Rowen getting adrenal pumping back into his system"

Okay," said Ryo dashing down the stairs. Finally we're getting somewhere, he though happily.


"Dais, Kale Anubis," said Kayrua, "it seems that Rowen has finally found something but we don't know for sure. We should go back to the house." A beam lifted them up and they landed right behind the house. Anubis couldn't even bare to look in the back yard, I first kissed her here. Thoughts wandered in and out of his head as walked into the house.

All of the boys came in from the living room and Kayura and Rowen began talking.


"Okay I found this small information on this new girl. Well it's the Armor of Temptation it's almost like an illusion but has much worse effects and techniques. Like ours it adapts to the bearer. It was created for a queen but she was killed before it finished. Her name was Bayaca, I don't think she's totally dead though." Said Rowen as he closed his eyes trying to envision the situation.

"Okay that's all fine and dandy but how do we beat her and this new emperor," said Kale a bit rufly.

"Emperor?" asked Sage.

"Yeah, we found out that's who she works for," said Dais

"That's just it, the new power comes with the new owner and they are always women. With each one it's never the same. All it gives a record of are the things it destroys."

"Well we also don't know why they need Mia," said Cye, "she has no armor"

"Well you see, Anubis used to know this young lady," said Kayura as she grabbed a chair in the far corner. She was exhausted being the Ancient; it wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

"How come you didn't tell us," blurted out Kento as he pounded his fists upon the table.

"About 200 years ago, before I got my Armor…we were to be married. I was to be knighted and we were betrothed by our parents. One day I found her out in a plain with her throat slit. I thought she was dead. That was the day Talpa captured me and brain washed me." Anubis began nervously and let it flow.

"Do you think she want's revenge?" asked Sage changing the topic.

"If she did then why is Mia still alive?" Ryo asked. Then he suddenly thought struck him that she may not be alive.

"Maybe they need something from her or us," said Rowen trying to keep everyone going.

"Well I suggest that we go up there and get her. We won't know anything till we confront them all. It's a trap but what else can we do," said Kayrua. This came as a huge shock to everyone, Kayrua was the logical thinker. She'd never rush into something without thinking. But no one was going to stop her now.

"Okay let's go then," said Kento getting out of his chair. Everyone nodded at his thrill.
They all went outside and transformed into sub armor. Kayura called down a light and was lifted back into the nether realm.

Kaurya slow let the light vanish as she turned to the warriors. The boys gazed at the castle; it was much different than the last time they fought. It was still dreary but seemed to have no evil essence to it. The front walls were replaced with gardens. Colors radiated from the castle they couldn't understand it. They no longer worried about that, Mia was inside and that was all it was to it. They were ready to go and stormed off into the castle.

Anubis reached around the guard and snapped his neck sending his limp body to floor. He crept on the tips of his toes and stayed in the shadows unaware that he was being watched. He saw hundreds of doors and didn't where to begin.

"Morgus go and tell Lord Belarus that we have company. I must go meet my old comrade," said Megumi with a childish smirk. Morgus was totally against it but saw that her eyes were filled with a passion that was stronger than he was alone. He held his tongue and went to find Belarus.

Anubis walked until he saw two large oak doors. He entered and saw large tapestries of massacres. It was making him sick to his stomach. The killing of woman and children, so much blood was everywhere. This only made him worry about Mia even more and started back toward the door.

"Anubis, leaving so soon I thought that we could get to know each other better. Or should I say to know you before you die…again," came a voice that echoed in the long hall.

"Megumi, come now what do you want," yelled Anbuis.

"Your head, when we were attacked you left me to die" She materialized behind him and he stepped to his right trying to dodge her attack.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I was at no such place. I found you dead, I was off at training that day"

"LIAR," she screamed, "at least be a man and admit your defeat…you coward" Megumi lashed out him again this time bringing her staff across his head. He thought for a moment as she started her attack again and then dismissed his armor and changed back into his regular clothes.

"Fool, I can kill you at any time," she said angrily.

"If your goal is to kill me then I will not stop you. I am truly sorry but I was not there," he said calmly. He stood his ground as she took her staff and aimed it at his heart.