Scarlet Past
By Wine

Chapter Five


Mia saw the light come closer as it took the shape of a woman. Mia stumbled back, the woman stopped and Mia could see that she had lovely brown hair that flowed down her back looking like ripples in a pond. She had no distinct face; she looked like a lost shadow. This woman smirked and looked very sinister.

"What do you want? Where am I?" said Mia

"We are in your mind, prepare for battle" Mia didn't know what to do. She knew the body could not live without the mind. Can I actually fight this woman, looks like I have no choice. The girl faded into the blackness and she was alone again. Mia looked around waiting for an attack and another figure approached her, but this time it was familiar. "Grandpa?"


Anus closed his eyes and held his breath. Megumi sunk to the floor in despair, she couldn't kill a harmless man. No matter what had happened in the past. She was weak and was mad at her self more than ever. I cannot hurt a defenseless man, I am no good.

Belarus stormed into the hall, he was furious. "Can't you do anything right girl. I should have killed you that day," he blurted out. Her mouth fell agape, Anubis was telling the truth. Megumi rushed at him with her staff out and his eyes flashed as she was thrown against the wall.

"I still own you," he said hovering over Megumi. I was an illusion of your so-called lover boy over there, just so I can get his armor. I decided to keep you to help me with other missions. But now that I know you're a weak pathetic fool, you are of no use to me," Belarus said tilting his head mockingly at her. He lifted his arm as he ready to strike her.

"Hey, Anubis said, "You need to quit picking on everyone else and fight me for real"

"Well if I were you I would be worried about myself. I suggest you hand over the armor or Mia will get hurt," said Belarus.

Anubis didn't know what to do; he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knew she would die if he got his hand on his armor and he felt weak from Megumi's attacks.

"No answer, too bad. Guards get this intruder," screamed Belarus. All of a sudden armored fighters came pouring into the room. Anubis wasn't so sure he could take them all on by his self. He took a deep breath and smiled slightly.

"Quake with FEAR"


"Granddaughter, you are such a disappointment. You are lazy…you can't even help the Warriors, you are worthless." Tears began to weld up in her eyes. How could he say that, he died trying to protect them all? He always guided her to the answers.

"This isn't true…you aren't my grandfather. He would never say such things

"I agree with him Mia, came another voice. I don't love you I was going to kill you like I killed Megumi. You're not smart or worth anything. A tramp like you sleeping with the first guy you meet. You should be ashamed. I used you for your body that's all, I don't love you"

"Anubis, this is a lie. I am human I make mistakes. Stay out of my head. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE," she cried sinking to the ground. Her mind and heart struggled at the words that were forming around her head. Her mind kept telling her it was logical while her heart said everything that was here was a lie.

"Mia, these are not my words, but your own. I have done nothing to you…yet. See how they loved you and treated you."

Mia couldn't stand anymore of this. She stopped in her thoughts right there and took a deep breath. She couldn't think clearly, she stood back up and held her ground she couldn't trust anyone or anything at the moment, "I agree let the fight begin."


Belarus retreated out of the room and faded into a nearby wall. Anubis couldn't believe that he ran in the middle of a fight. He glanced around the room he had no clue where they kept coming from. Guys I need your help in here, it's getting busy.

"You rang o' mighty one, said Kento wrapping his arms around his enemy, he crushed him till he fell to pieces. The others ran in with Rowen trailing the group.

"Anubis and I will look for Mia while you guys handle the rest of these fighters," said Kayura ducking from fist heading her way. Sage punched the fighter back and gave her a winning smile in which she rolled her eyes. They were just about to carry out the plan as they heard some speak. Before everyone could turn around to see who it was a giant wall formed separating Anubis and Kayura from the group.

"Well, well…everyone's here. Anubis hand over the armor or she's going to die, said Belarus as something formed in his arms. She was back in her original clothes and had weird makeup on her face. Anubis growled as he saw the scratches on her face.

"Mia," he whispered clenching his fists. I let her down, but that's going to change and soon.

"Well Anubis what will it be," asked Belarus.

Anubis called upon his orb and said, "Put her on the ground first." Belarus set her down and Kayrua stood ready to attack. She knew better than to let Anbuis do something so foolish.

"Now back away from her and come towards me." Kayura waited till Belarus was a few feet from Anubis and lurched forward only to fall to her knees. I can't move, she tried to speak but nothing would come out.

Anubis turned to see Kayura fall to the ground and Belarus ran to him and grabbed the orb. Anubis seeing his chance grabbed Mia. He tried to shake her but she would not wake up.

"Mia come on...Mia. Bastard what did you do to her?" cried Anubis.

"Well you took so long getting here. I need her for a friend of mine, Bayaca. She's taking over he body right now…you lose."

Anubis' world seemed to crash and burn right there. He'd rather have to go back to Talpa than endure this kind of torture. He waited all 400 years of his life to find her and now when he does, they take her away. Not to see her sweet smile. Not able to see her face full of soft shadows and fire kissed angels. His day, his life had no purpose, no meaning, and no hope. He kneeled to the floor and lifted her in his arms.

He bent his head over her and into her hair, taking in her delicious sent. He wouldn't even try to fight anymore. He had no reason to help those humans, not anymore.

Kayura turned her head away…there was nothing she could do for the people or her friend. She soon began cursing the day she became the ancient as she wept at the sad sight.

"I love you Mia I will always love you," said Anubis softly in her ear.


Mia turned around abruptly and looked around. He loved her, everything was okay. But before she could rejoice she returned. "Anubis…help me,"

Anbuis jumped as he heard Mia whisper his name. "Fight baby, oh God fight her"

Mia turned to her as she saw that the woman was growing. She didn't seem to stop growing. This girl no longer intimated Mia. It's all in your mind; it's all in my mind. Mia closed her eyes and thought hard and began to stretch as she did, the darkness was becoming faint. Soon they both saw eye to eye.

"I don't need you. They love me and you can't have my body. Get out and get out now'

'Big words for such a mere mortal"

"I've got more brains than you'll ever have. I have friends and family who love me. He loves me," said Mia. She slowly began shrinking as light shined through the darkness. Mia saw smiled as she was winning.


Anubis didn't know what was going on, she was convulsing in his arms. He had no clue what was happening inside her. "Mia come on," was all he could get out.


" You were a worthy opponent Mia," she said before she disintegrated. Light shined into her body and pieces of her seems to disappear. Mia relaxed as she fell in to deep sleep.

Kayura felt the pressure being lifted from her body and looked around in shock. "Ahhh" was the only thing that came out. I can speak and move again, she thought. She scrambled over to Anubis and put her hand on his shoulder.

Anubis looked up and smiled at Kayura. She glanced over him to see Mia's eyes fluttering open.

"Anyone get the number on that semi," she said putting her hands on her head. She was fine, she was his again. His Mia.

Kayura stood and noticed that the wall that had formed around them was crumbling. Dust began to kick up as the last pieces of the wall fell. It wasn't over yet though they had to get Anubis' orb back. She saw the rest of the guys just finishing off the last of the fighters and walked over to them

They looked totally exhausted. They were breath heavily with sweat pouring down their faces and yet managed to smile when they saw them.

"Is everyone all right? We couldn't get to you all," asked Sekhemet.

"Mia is fine but we have to get. Kayura's words were cut off by a deafening scream. The Warriors all turned to see Belarus behind Anubis charging at him at full speed with a sword in hand. They saw that Anubis couldn't get out of the way in time and rushed to his aid.

Anubis heard him coming and tried to run but Mia was weighing him down. He kept jogging but heard that Belarus had stopped running. He turned to see Megumi holding her staff against Belarus' sword. They both pulled back quickly.

"Get out of the way girl" he said.

"I will not let you destroy anyone else's love. You should have killed me when you had the chance," she said reaching out for him and missing his shoulder.

"She killed my wife I will not let her live." And he thrusted his sword into her and she jerked back and looked at her stomach. She put her hand on her stomach and gazed at her bloodied hand. She reached out to Belarus who shoved the sword in further

"No you lose Belarus," she said in a weak voice holding the orb in her hand teasing him. She tossed it behind her to where Anubis was standing. She stuck her staff in his shoulder, and closed her eyes as she called forth strength from her mind. She smiled slightly as she said, "Forgive me everyone…Immortal Wings of Devotion Strike."

Everyone shielded their eyes and huddled together as winds blew past them furiously. Both Megumi and Belarus where gone. Kayura grabbed the orb and gave it to Anubis.

"Let's get out of here," he said as the light descended taking them home.


"Oh What a headache," said Mia. She slowly sat up and slid her feet over the edge of the bed. She looked to the far corner of her room only to see Anubis slumped in a chair. He was fast asleep, and his hair flowed around his head as he mumbled something. She couldn't help but grin at him.

She slightly shivered and rose from the bed and shut the balcony doors. She suddenly was engulfed in a pair of warm arms.

"How are you feeling?" came a voice from behind her. Despite the ache in her head, her body tingled all over, and she had to fight to keep herself from squirming in his arms.

"Much better just a little headache. Where are the boys," she said placing her arms around herself.

"Everyone is at school and Kayura and the Warlords are busy with another project."

"Ohh they are," she said turning around to face him. He noticed that her eyes had a lustful cloud in them.

"Mia I have something to tell you…" he started. He went through everything from his past to his worries. She nodded once or twice. It got easier as he went along until he came to his feelings.

How he need her presence, that she made him feel more complete; his secret daydreams of her and how he would spend the rest of his life with her.

It hurt him even more to express his worries; that she would die before he got a chance to truly grow old with someone, if she'd reject marrying him to keep her independence. He was scared to even look her in the face and when he did he felt as though someone had stuck a dagger in his heart.

Tears where streaking down her face as he spoke and yet she smiled faithfully at him. He couldn't understand. "All this time I was worried about whether you loved me and you were just as bad. I love you and rather be with you than anyone," she said

He felt a huge wave of relief hit him, he wasn't sure of it himself but it was something about the way she said it that made him feel better. He wiped her tears away; he couldn't bear to see her cry even if she was happy.
"Now that I understand your past, I understand you better. You opened up to me…that's what it's all about. Many people have fought for our love, I think it's our turn." She said rising from the bed.

"I agree," he said smiling at her.

"Just hold me," she whispered in his ear.



Mia slowly sat up on her bed and looked around. A loud blaring noise came from her alarm and she hit it hard and sat trying to gather herself. What a dream, I've never dream about my past before. Maybe I'm just missing Anubis. She stood up and calmly walked down the stairs. She went into the kitchen and glanced at a clock on the nearby wall.

"…Ohmigod I forgot to pick up the guys," she grabbed her keys as she sprinted for the car not noticing the pair of eyes that were glaring at her from behind the door.