Silent Lucidity
By Stephanie

Chapter Two


As soon as the sun rose, Mia walked down the stairs. She grabbed a glass
of orange juice and sat at the table. She drank it slowly, hoping the guys
stayed asleep a little longer so she could go get ready. As usual, the guys
were still asleep by the time Mia went back upstairs. She took a shower and
put on a pair of jeans and a short sleeved shirt. She sighed inwardly.
"And I start another day of my so-called life." She mumbled to herself.
She put her hair up into a ponytail. It was still long, even though Talpa's
spirits had left her. She was going to cut it, but then she thought she
should keep it long. It was about time for change anyways. She sighed and
went up to her room. She picked up the kanji orb and held it in her hands.
"I don't even know what my own armor is called. I doubt it even works."
She tucked it into her pocket with disguist. She hated even looking at it.
Ever since she had got it, she hated it. Mia went back downstairs to hear
the early bickering of the Ronins. She rolled her eyes and ignored them. She
snuck by them, not that any of them would have noticed, and plopped down on
the couch. She sat with her legs crossed under her. Mia pulled the orb out
of her pocket and looked at it. She stared into its silver emptiness. It was
what her life had become....emptiness.



"Should we say something? She's been like that for thirty minutes." Kento
whispered. He then quickly ate another spoonful of cereal. All five warriors
were gathered in the doorway seperating the kitchen from the living room.
Sage watched as Mia just stared at her kanji orb.
"Maybe we should say something. Being silent like that can't be good for
her health." Cye commented. Ryo nodded.
"I'll talk to her. I am her best friend." Ryo walked into the room. It
was true. Mia and Ryo were like brother and sister. Neither of them had
family left, and they certainly were nothing more than friends. Ryo sat down
next to Mia, but she didn't seem to notice.
"Mia? Are you ok?" He asked. That was a stupid question. The love of her
life died to save her, she has an armor now, and her life had suddenly gone
on a downward spiral. "I there anything you want to talk about?"
Ryo asked hopefully. Mia still stared at the orb.
"Where do you think it came from?" She asked out of nowhere.
"What?" Ryo was confused. What the heck was she talking about?
"The armor." Mia replied, not taking her eyes off of it. "I was just
standing there, then there was this weird feeling. Next thing I know, I'm in
this silver armor." Mia clenched her fist over the orb. Ryo sympathized with
"I don't know, but we'll find out. Hey, none of us knew what the heck our
armor was when we first got it." Ryo tried to cheer her up. Mia smiled
"I know. It's just...of all the people out there, why did it have to
choose me?" She sighed and put the orb on the table.
"The armor must have known what a great person you are." Ryo tried to
comfort her. "I know that you are smart, strong, and the nicest and kindest
person on this planet. I am sure the armor knows that." Mia smiled.
"Thanks Ryo." She hugged him, then stood up. "I guess I just need to
think about it." Ryo nodded. He understood how she felt.
"Alright. Just be careful, ok?" Ryo knew that when Mia needed to think,
she went outside and into the woods. Mia smiled back at him and walked out
the door, leaving her armor orb on the table. Ryo looked at it and noticed
the symbol of 'love' was engraved in it and filled with gold. He smiled. He
knew she was much stronger than she thought she was.



Anubis heard the clanking of the Ancient's staff. The monk looked over at
Anubis and simply said,
"Prepare yourself Anubis. You will leave in three days."