Silent Lucidity
By Stephanie

Chapter Three


Mia looked down the waterfall as it splashed into the small pool below.
She sighed. The wind blew slightly and made her hair wisp around her. She
suddenly felt really weird, like someone was watching her. She looked over
at the bunch of trees, and thought she saw something rustle. When nothing
else moved, she shrugged it off. ~Probably just a deer or something.~ She
thought while turning her gaze back to the waterfall.
She jumped and spun around when she heard a twig snap in half. She saw a
Dynasty soldier. "This is not good." She mumbled. The soldier's eyes began
to glow red and it charged. Mia didn't know what to do. The soldier rose its
sword at her and brought it down. The soldier seemed to freeze when a silver
light shone from the girl he was attacking.




Sage, Ryo, and Rowen sat in the living room while Cye and Kento were in
the kitchen. Mia's armor orb was still laying on the table where she had
placed it. Ryo eyed it carefully. Suddenly, it flashed a bright silver and
was gone. All three of the Ronins in the room jumped up.
"Did you see that?!" Sage asked. Ryo nodded.
"It just disappeared!" He shouted.
"That must mean Mia called her armor. She may be in trouble!" Rowen
shouted in worry. Cye and Kento dashed into the room.
"We're leaving. NOW!" Ryo shouted. He and the others ran out the door
while calling their subarmor.




Mia had no idea what had happened. She thought the soldier would have
struck her by now, but she opened her eyes to see a silver light coming from
her and the demon soldier paused. In a swirl of silver light and cherry
blossoms, Mia transformed into her armor. Mia wanted to stop it, but it just
came. She stood with her swords ready. Instinct took over and Mia slashed
the demon in half, letting its armored shell fall lifeless to the ground.
Mia still felt a strong, evil presence. Dark clouds began to form in the sky
and she knew what that meant.
She gripped her swords, staying alert for any other sounds. The ground
began to rumble and the earth shook violently. A Dynasty gate began to rise
from the rubble. She couldn't believe it. But she had killed Talpa! How
could the Dynasty be back? The tall red gate swung open and gold light shone
into the mortal realm. Mia sheilded her eyes until the light dimmed
somewhat. She looked into the gate to see a strange figure.
"So this is the great armor that destroyed Talpa?" A voice from within
the gate asked. Mia squinted to see, but the figure was cloaked in darkness.
"What a fine specimen from the mortal realm. I do believe I shall put you in
my vast collection." The voice chuckled. Mia tightened her grip on her
swords once again.
"Who are you?!" She demanded. The voice stepped from within the gate and
Mia gasped. It was a man wearing a long, midnight blue cloak that covered
his eyes. His arms were folded in front of him.
"I am the darkness which shrouds this earth in shadow. I am the shadow
which veils all good with blackness. I am the blackness in this world of
light." His voice seemed to shake the earth with its intensity.
"You still haven't answered my question." Mia statted.
"And you have not answered mine. Are you the bearer of the armor which
destroyed the demon, Talpa?" He asked, his voice commanding an answer. Mia
stood proud and tall.
"Yes I am. And I am the light which will penetrate your darkness if you
are going to be as foolish as Talpa and try to take over the mortal realm."
Mia narrowed her eyes at him. The man removed the hood of his cloak. His
hair was long, at least the length of his shoulders. It was a red color and
it reminded Mia of the color of blood. His eyes were grey, like the shadows
of a winter day cast in the white snow. His very appearance suggested power
and evil.
"You wouldn't stand a chance." He grinned. "It has been so long since I
visited this realm. Now that Talpa is out of the way, I can lay my claim on
it." He laughed menacingly.
"I and the Ronin Warriors will stop you!" Mia declared. The man simply
laughed. Then he bowed respectfully.
"I am Senn, the center of all things evil." His cold eyes made Mia
shiver. "I am the power behind Talpa. I gave him a fraction of my power in
return for his soul." He held out his hand, palm up, and a ghostly grey orb
appeared in his hand. "It's just another to add to my collection. And soon,
you will be added too." The orb disappeared and was replaced with a
necklace. Mia did not like the way this was turning out.
Senn closed his eyes and began to chant softly. Mia couldn't hear him,
but the necklace began to glow. It was gold with a strange symbol hanging
from the gold chain. The glowing intensified and Senn began to raise his
"Spirits of the dark beyond, lend me your powers to deliver another soul
into the great void." He continued the chant, his voice growing louder.
"Gather her energy and bring it to me, leave nothing behind but a corpse.
Devour her armor and give me its strength! Spirits from the dark beyond,
rise for your master and do as you will!" Mia's eyes widened as several
spirits rose from the necklace. They were black as night and had glowing
yellow eyes. They were like the nether spirits, only they were beast-like
and showed no human characteristics at all. Mia gasped as they shot towards
her. She thought for sure they were going to kill her.
"ARROW SHOCK WAVE!!!!!!" Mia heard Rowen's voice shouted and a streak of
light shot at the spirits. They seemed to back away from it, then retreated
to the source of their existence: the necklace. Senn jumped back as the
blasted almost hit him. He scrowled. He was not fully adapted to this world
yet, and he may be defeated in a battle against so many warriors. Mia felt
her knees give way underneath her and she sunk to her knees onto the ground,
staring in fear at Senn. The demon grinned.
"Looks like we've got company. Fear not, your soul and armor will be mine
in time." He then vanished, along with the gateway. Ryo and the others ran
towards her.
"Mia! Are you ok?" Ryo asked in concern.
"Who was that guy?" Kento shouted to her.
"What happened?!" Cye ran up behind them. Mia looked back at them and
trembled slightly. It was only thanks to Rowen that she was still alive.
When she spoke, her voice was full with fear and concern.
"Guys, we've got a problem."