By: Lady Sara
The Writer Jaya
Samurai Writer

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The world of the Dynasty was a cold, dark, and heartless place. Nothing
seemed to move at all to the one who stood on the banks of the shallow
river. His long white hair flew in soft strands about his face blown by
some unseen wind. His eyes watched the figure in the river that was slowly
and inexorably moving closer to him. A dark brown cone shaped hat sat on
the figure’s head. The hat was covering the upper part of his face in
shadows. The tiny little wavelets of the water lapped gently around the
edges of his simple sandals.

~ So it had come to pass had he had seen it would. ~

He sighed and had hoped that maybe something in the flow of time would swing
things in another directions and change somehow.

~ But it had not been so, now it was time to undo what has happened. ~

He stepped into the shallow pale blue water only leaving footprints in the
soft mud of the banks. That slowly disappeared as the water washed over
them till they were no more. He waded towards the lone figure that floated
slowly face down in the water. The long monk’s robes he wore were soaking
up the water and the clothing was an almost exact replica of the one who
stood over him.

He knelt down into the water, and carefully turned the other over. His lips
moved but no sound came as he continued to silently chant the spell. There
was a white glow that enshrouded the two figures. If you’d been close
enough you could have see the blood and cuts that riddle the body of the
figure with red hair. His eyes were closed and chest was still, yet his
body was being healed. There seemed to be no life in this body. It was
merely a husk now of what had once been.

As the Ancient One knelt in the water he whispered the name as it sled
smoothly from his tongue as though he had said it many times.

“Anubis”, it was like a curse, or a whispered word of sorrow.

He brushed strands of red hair from Anubis’s face and sighed, “Please,
forgive me.”

With that he closed his eyes and his spirit rose from his body that was
invisible to the rest of the world. He fled to the spirit realm willing him
not to be too late, willing Anubis’s spirit to not yet have fled to this


There were two figures that stood enshrouded in shadows staring at the
mangled armor of one that had once been great.

“I told him not to do it”, said one.

“Yes, he should have listened to us”, replied the other. “Poor deluded
fool. *Sigh* He never knew what was good for him.”

“Now, it’s our turn to avenge his death. He may have been a fool and our
brother but he didn’t deserve to die like this”, said a slim girl dressed in
a tight black out fit of leather stepping into the light.

This young woman has dark green hair reaching almost down to her knees. She
brushed it behind her ear with a slight smile. There was an evil gleam in
her dark green eyes. That seems to remind you of an emerald only much
darker. Her skin was a pale color looking ever more so against the dark of
her hair and her out fit. The black choker on her neck was set with
emeralds that matched her eyes.

“But we must be careful how we do this sister,” the other stepped into the
light for the first time.

She looked similar to the first woman. Except her skin was finally tanned
and seemed to glow with a light bronze color. Her dark blonde with its
golden high lights fell in long wavy curls down her back to her waist.
There was a slight smile on her ruby red lips, which matched the bright red
color of the tight belly shirt she wore. She also wore but off jean shorts
were frayed showing off her long shapely legs not that there was anyone
there to show them off for.

“Yes, Ruby. We must be, mustn’t we”, replied the other.

She turned away from the dark mangled armor that seemed to draw the glow
from the torches into it along with all other light. She glared at the
guard who stood next to the door. The glow seemed to give her hair with a
soft golden sheen.

"Go get him”, she ordered with a dismissive wave of her hand.

The guard bowed slightly and left the room.

“Do you think he will be any help to us Emerald”, Ruby asked brushing her
golden hand across the surface of her jean shorts with her bright red nails.
While reflecting light of the torches as she glanced towards the aromor.

“He will do anything we ask of him,” replied Emerald, with a slight smile on
her black lips curving slightly up ward in a rather nasty way. Then the
door opened and they both turned to the dark figure that stepped in.

“You called my ladies,” he said with a low bow.


The Ancient One walked the spirit realm. His path was unknown even to him.
It was as if his feet had a will of their own and they alone know their
destination. He did not argued with the feeling that pulled him forward
deeper and deeper into the realm towards the dark reaches that housed the
spirits of the dead, it was there he found him standing just outside the
line. The gray line that divided the realms, he was dressed in simple white
out fit with his red hair seemed to glow though there was not light for it.

His face was lighter than it had been before. As the Ancient One continue
to move closer he turned to look at him. His eyes were troubled and there
was a disturbed look on his face. He looked as if he had questions then he
had words to say, yet behind it all the Ancient saw a calm look that was
different then anything he’d ever seen in the others eyes before or that he
would probably ever see again.

“I’m dead”, Anubis hissed in a low voice.

“Yes you are”, replied the Ancient. Then quietly, “But it is not yet your

“Then you’ve come to take me back”, Anubis said with a nod of understanding.

He turned from him to let his eyes wander the land of the dead and
involuntarily a shiver ran up his spine. Part of him wanted to run into
that world and forget the world he’d left behind, and the other longed to go
back to maybe find the happiness that his soul longed for, for so long.
Thin streamers of dead white mist ran across the dark landscape, he thought
he could see shadows moving farther on, but it might have just been his
imagination playing tricks. He wasn’t really sure.

“Come Anubis”, the Ancient put a hand on the others shoulder. “It’s not your
time to join them.”

“Yes, I can see that”, Anubis turned his head with a nod, ”But there is
something about that place that calls my soul.”

“It calls all of our souls”, the Ancient said wisely, ”And we will all visit
in the end, but this for you is not the end.” Pauses for a brief second,
“You have much yet in your life to accomplish.”

With that the two turned leaving the world of the dead. Then they left to
the land of the spirits behind them as well. Together they passed with ease
through the barrier that separates the world back into the mortal realm.
The Ancient One opened his eyes and blinked. It took him a second to adjust
being back in his body. He turned to Anubis as he rose spluttering and
muttered something rather unsavory under his breath from beneath the surface
of the water.

Anubis slowly got and then stared at his hands and body.

“I’m alive?”

The Ancient one nodded and saw a small smile light up on the former dark
warlord’s face.

“It’s time I went to give Mia a visit.”

To be continued in part one.