True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter One

A chill was in the air as the cold winter air blew rapidly
threw the countryside. Five unexpecting soldiers walked
threw a wood, not far from where someone stood watching
them. The warlord of cruelty stood on the ledge of a
mountain, like a tiger watching his prey.

His victim's were off their guard, they were fools.

Anubis looked at the three figures that followed behind
them. That blasted white tiger that always seemed to
get in the way, a small boy, and a young woman.
They were more helpless than the ronins, yet he
knew the tiger would be of some trouble. No matter
what, that stupid beast always seemed to save his
preacious wildfire. Anubis thought back to when
wildfire had beaten him at the volcano, such shame
it was to go back to the dynasty after that.

Still, Anubis couldn't help to feel this hate in
his heart, he was born with it. No one else knew
how it was to live with being aversion, to have
everyone fear you. That's what he wanted, wasn't it?

The power, to have people shudder when they hear
your name, to feel discomfort. Anubis shook these
stupid emotions off of himself, all he needed
was power. Being aversion was one of the
things the dynasty should be known as.

He watched the ronins as they walked up threw the
woods, attacking now would be pointless.

It would best more wise to wait until they got to
the mountain, then he could kill them.

A thought still remained in his head, what about
the other two.

Anubis looked back down at the small boy whom was
sitting on the tiger's back, urging it to go faster.

The girl was walking behind all of them, she had her
head bent towards the ground.

He had seen her before, at the volcano. Something
surged threw him, but he shook it off.

Getting rid of those two would be like shooting
fish in a barrel, but something lingered inside
of him.

Perhaps he could use them against the ronins, espeacially Halo, whom
seemed to have something for the girl.

He shook his head, that plan already failed.

A thought struck him, what about if the girl joined the dynasty?

The ronins would never hurt her, so she would be the
perfect weapon.

Anubis was begining to warm up to this idea, yet the plan
of how to get her to the dynasty still remained.

Taking here there would be no problem, except the ronins
would give their life before they let him take her.

"Stubborn fools" He muttered. "Why protect a weak being such
as her?"

The white tiger looked up at the cliff and growled loudly, alerting
the group.

Anubis faded into the shadows, only his peircing eyes showed.

"What is it white blaze?" Ryo asked, looking where the tiger
glared at.

"There's nothing there Ryo, White blaze is just being paranoid" Kento
told him.

'That's right, nothing up here but the master of cruelty' Anubis gave
an evil smirk, one that could freeze any flame.

"I don't think White blaze would get so worked up over nothing" Rowen
looked up at the cliff, he felt something. "There is probably something
up there"

Anubis disapeared before they got there, making a note to steal the girl
when they weren't looking.

"See, he was just paranoid" Kento rolled his eyes at Ryo.



Mia sat down on her bed, it was midnight and she should have been
in bed already.

She grabbed a book from her nightstand and started to read, hoping
it would make her drowsy.

Mia got up and closed her balcony window after feeling a draft.

After turning around she noticed someone was in her room, it was
none other than The Warlord Of Cruelty.