True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Two

Mia took a step backwards, trying not to tremble.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, taking another step back.

A smirk pasted itself across his face. "To take you back to the

Mia shook her head. "If you think I'm going to the Dynasty, your
out of your mind. I'll call the ronins up here and they'll dispose
of you"

The warlord of Cruelty chuckled, the smirk staying on his face.
"Go right ahead. By the time they get up here, you'll already
be gone"

A knock on the door made Mia jump, but relief swept over her
as she heard a voice.

"Mia, are you alright?"

It was Ryo, he couldn't of had better timing.

"Ryo, H-" Mia was cut short of her plee as a hand went over her
mouth from behind her.

"Mia?" Ryo's voice came again.

A streak of panic swept over Anubis, he had forgotten that he
couldn't warp back to the Dynasty with a mortal,

Badamon had breifly told him of that.

Luckily for Anubis, the door was locked, wich would give him
a few minutes of escaping time.

Anubis let go for Mia to open her balcony door, then grabbed her

"Ryo, Help!" Mia yelled before she was forced to jump of the balcony.



"I can't believe this" Kento sat on the couch. "She's been kidnapped"

Sage, whom was pacing, looked over at Ryo. "Yes, but by whom?"

"Anubis" A bit of anger overcame Ryo's face. "Only he would stoop so low"

The guys looked over at Ryo, skeptical of his answer.

"We don't have any clues or anything though" Kento told him.

"We're warriors, not detectives" Rowen sat down, not too skeptical of what
Ryo had told them.



"What makes you think that I'm going to join the Dynasty of my own free
will?" Mia asked as Anubis pulled her threw the woods. "Because I'm not"

Anubis jerked harder on her arm as he continued to walk.

"Trust me, I already knew that. Master Talpa has very convincing

Mia glared at him. "I would die, before I joined the Dynasty"

"That can be arranged" He glared at her, then walked on. He knew that
he could not take this mortal to the dynasty by warping, he would have
to find the entrance to the castle.

Mia had been trying to get away since they started threw the woods,
but she knew it was no use. Even with the stuff the Ronins taught her,
she still couldn't hurt him.

They were both surprised when they hurt the Ronins coming, not to mention
that they were about half a mile away from where the two stood.
Anubis grabbed Mia and jumped up into one of the huge trees, hiding in the
branches. He knew he couldn't outrun them, not all five of them.

Mia knew she couldn't yell, Minus the fact that Anubis was covering her
mouth again, He threatened to kill her if she said one word.

Anubis looked down, then sat perfectly still. The Ronin warriors, in
armor and all, were standing directly below them.