True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Three

Mia watched helplessly as the Ronins walked below them, she felt like crying
out to them, but she couldn't say a word.

Anubis was also watching them, yet he hoped they didn't look up, even if
they two were at the top of the tree.

The girl was proving to be hard to keep quite' Anubis thought frowning.
Ryo could feel something evil, something that felt like the dynasty, so he
knew they were close.

"Guys, I think they may be around here" Ryo turned towards his friends.

They nodded, apparently thinking the same thing, wich was weird.

Anubis knew that if they stayed, the Ronins would find them, so he had
to think of something.

He grabbed ahold of Mia and jumped up to the very tip top of the tree, then
began to jump from tree top, to tree top.

Threw all of this, the Ronin warriors didn't even notice.

"Let me go, I don't even have any armor" Mia said threw clentched teeth.

Anubis ignored her, for some reason he was too tired to argue.

Mia was surprised when he landed on the ground and just let go of her,
causing her to fall on the ground rather hardly.

'I probably havn't recovered from my last fight with the Ronins' He thought,
sitting down.

Mia sat there for a second, not sure what was going on.

She started to get up, when a voice startled her.

"Don't even try getting away. I'll find you wherever you go" It was Anubis.

Mia sat back down, leaning against a tree.




"Maybe we were just imagining it" Cye sat down.

Ryo shook his head. "It's not likely we would all imagine the same thing"

The ronin warriors were all sitting outside, trying to think of a way to
find Mia.

"I've got it" Rowen said, everyone looking at him. "Why don't we just go to
where we last thought they were, and challenge Anubis to a fight. As a
Dynasty warlord, he can't resist it"

Sage looked over at Rowen. "So, were just going to walk in the woods and
yell out, Hey Anubis! How would you like to have a battle?! Real smooth, Rowen"

"I don't know, it might work" Ryo stood up. "Rowen's right. As being a
warlord, Anubis cannot turn down a fight. So, we can find him and rescue



Anubis looked over at the girl whom was sleeping, He remembered her name
being Mia.

She was, most definatly, beautiful. Anubis shook his head, she was a mortal.

He could feel himself slowly falling to sleep, until he finally did.

Mia woke up and saw Anubis sleeping. She hadn't noticed it, but all this
time, he was in subarmor. It wasn't a big deal, but she just had never
seen him out of armor.



Anubis awoke the next morning to the sound of yelling, quite far away.

"We challenge you, Anubis! Let Mia go!"It was one of the Ronin Warriors.

Anubis didn't like this, he still hadn't fully healed yet. He looked
over at Mia, whom was still sleeping, he had to fight. If he didn't, he
would receive punishment at the Dynasty.

Anubis stood, transforming into his armor. The sound of Ryo challenging
him echoed threw the forest as he began to walk towards the sound.