True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Four

Anubis silently walked up to where to ronins were, about 30 feet away from

"Maybe this wasn't a good idea" Rowen said looking at Ryo, not even noticing
the warlord.

A voice startled them all. "Don't tell me your having second thoughts,

They all turned to find Anubis, whom had no sign of humor on his face.

"We want Mia back!" Ryo held a fist up.

A chuckle came from the warlord. "That would be quite impossible"

"Why is that?" Sage asked, getting in battle stance.

Anubis smirked. "Do you actually think that I'm going to give her back to
you? You need to reconsider your plans, Ronin Warriors"

"Talpa has no use for her, she doesn't have any armor" Ryo clentched his

Unknown to all, Mia crept up to the battle scene, so as not to draw
attention to herself.

"Armor is not always of importance in fighting" Anubis' smirk disapeared.
"Quake with Fear!"



Rowen opened his eyes, no telling how long he had been unconscience.

He noticed the other guys beaten and battered too.

"How could just one Warlord take down 5 guys?" Ryo asked, clenching his
teeth in anger. "We've beat him before"

Rowen stood up. "I never thought I'd hear Anubis say you didn't need armor"

The young warriors were forced to go back to Mia's house.



"Mia, what in the world happened?!" Kento asked, once he saw Mia sitting on
the couch. "We thought you would already been in the dynasty by now"

Mia remained silent, as if she hadn't heard him.

"What happened? How did you escape? Hello? Mia? Can you hear me?" Kento
waved a hand infront of Mia.

Mia looked up at the ronins, dumbstruck.

"Mia, how did you escape?" Rowen asked.

Mia stared out into space again.

"He let me go"