True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Five

"What do you mean, He let you go!?" Ryo sat down.

Mia looked over at him. "Just what I said, Ryo"

"Come on, Mia. Anubis is the warlord of Cruelty, he doesn't just let people
go" Rowen also sat down.

It was a long 5 minutes before Mia finnaly spoke. "Have I ever lied to you

This took the ronins by surprise.

"Have you not been with me long enough to know I would not lie about
something like that, if anything" She sighed.

"Sorry Mia, it's just that it's kinda hard to believe" Cye leaned against
the door.

'That it is, Turrent' Anubis thought as he sat in a tree, watching threw the
open window.

"I think I'm going to go to bed" Mia got up and walked up the steps to
her room. 'I don't think it's hard to believe, Cye' She thought as she
layed down.



Anubis felt his head as he leaned against a wall in the dynasty.

Maybe he was becoming sick? No, that wasn't possible in the dynasty.

"Then what is wrong with me?" He thought angrily. After he had defeated
the Ronin Warriors, for some odd reason he had let the girl go.

Anubis shook his head, trying to rid himself of this feeling he had
in the pit of his stomach.

If any of the other warlords found out about this weakness, he
would surely be ridiculed.



"Guys, what if Mia is telling us the truth?" Sage looked over at his

Kento looked back at him with a skeptical look. "Sure, it's every day that
the warlord of cruelty lets someone go back to their house"

"Sage is right, I think Mia was telling us the truth" Ryo layed on his back
in the living room.

"Anything is possible" Cye stated. "I would watch Mia for the next few days,
he might come back"

Unknown to the guys, Cye had spoke too soon.



Anubis sat in a branch, watching Mia sleep through her window.

This mortal had some kind of an effect over him, one he had never
experienced before.

He knew the ronin warriors would be on their guard for awhile, that
didn't bother him though.

Mia wasn't asleep, infact she was thinking about the events that had
happened. At first, when he had kidnapped her, She had been terrified.

Yet, when she had gotten to be around him, she had come to not be
so afraid.

At first Mia had thought Anubis had a dark heart, but that theory
was drifting far away.



"Well, Anubis, where have you been?" Cale taunted, giving an evil smirk.

Anubis ignored the warlord, partially.

"I suppose you still havn't captured those ronin runts? That's just like you
Anubis, to always slack off until your made to go do it" Cale chuckled.

Dais and Sekhmet gave them both a glance, if it wasn't one thing it was the



Meanwhile, Mia got up in the middle of the night and crept down the stairs.

Being careful not to wake the huge tiger that slept infront or Ryo's door,
she silently went out the back door.

Mia sat down in the swing that hung quite a bit away from the house,
rethinking the things that had happened. Her grandfather had always told her she was
mature for her age, espeacially when she was young.

A flash of loneliness went over her as she thought about her grandfather.

For Mia it always seemed she never put her wants ahead of anyone else's,
but they never seemed to get done. She had helped the Ronins to learn of
their armor, carried the ancients staff when he left it, took care of Yuli,
sheltered the 5 warriors, but had never had any time to herself.

Her days consisted of taking care of Yuli and running for her life,
from dynasty soldiers.

Most girls her would have loved to live in a house with 5 young men, but
they only seemed like family to her. If she was ever going to find the right
someone they would have to be more mature than the Ronins, but they didn't seem like
it was going to happen. Mia fell to sleep on the swing, as a shadow crept up behind her.