True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Six

Ryo opened his door, stepping over the white tiger, and walked down the
steps to see if his fellow ronins were awake.

"Kento, you've got to wait for Ryo!" Cye's voice almost yelled from the

Ryo chuckled as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah, Ryo! Now I can eat!" Kento reached to grab a muffin, yet was foiled
by Cye.

"Sit down and wait for everyone to get in here" Cye pushed Kento into a
chair as he sighed.

Kento made a face, but clearly did what he was told to do.



Mia awoke and sat up in her bed, confused by why she was there in the first
place. She figured one of the guys had found her and taken her back up to
her room, so Mia tossed it out of her mind.

After Mia got to the kitchen, Kento shot his hands up.

"She's here! Can I eat now, oh master of the kitchen?" Kento looked at Cye.

"Yes, eat already" Cye sat down, tired.

Mia managed to grab a muffin and a cup of coffee before Kento got to them,
but she went outside to enjoy some peace and quite.



Anubis slammed his head against the wall again, trying to relieve himself.

"You know, that can cause brain damage" Dais' voice called.

Anubis let his head fall against the wall once more. "What do you want,

Dais jumped down from the spot he was hanging. "Hold on Anubis, your acting
as if I was Cale. Would you mind telling me, why your trying to knock down
the dynasty with your skull?"

Anubis sarcasticly chuckled. "I'm trying to rid myself of something"

Dais frowned. "Rid yourself of what? Is Cale bugging you again?"

"No" Anubis didn't lift his head from the wall.

Dais spoke again. "Did you get beat by the Ronin Runts?"

"No" Was Anubis' reply again.

"Is your armor giving you problems?"

Anubis shook his head. "No"

"Then what could possibly be such a problem?" Dais exasperated.

Anubis turned towards the window that overlooked the city.

"So, whats such a problem about the city?" Dais questioned.

Anubis took his head from the wall. "I wouldn't actually call it a problem"

Dais looked up.

"More like a weakness" He sat down.

Dais looked over at him. "What kind of a weakness?"

"One that if Cale ever found out, he would use against me" Anubis looked
over at Dais with a look.

"Come on, Anubis. I'm not betting against you, you should know that" He

"Besides, no weakness can be that big"

Anubis sighed. "That's easy for you to say"



"Mia!!" Yuli's voice called as he opened the door to the backyard.

Mia's quite was shattered. "Yes, Yuli?"

"How come Ryo wouldn't let me go with him to check out the city?" Yuli

Mia scowled at Ryo. "He just didn't want you to get hurt"

'I'm going to kill Ryo' Mia thought as she smiled. "Why don't you go play?"

Yuli smiled and ran back inside, leaving Mia in peace once more.