True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Seven

Anubis scowled as he walked down a long hallway in the dynasty.

"Well, Anubis, nothing better to do than to waste time hanging around
the dynasty?" Cale laughed.

Anubis smirked. "The only one hanging around is Dais, I'm thinking of
a master plan to get those 5 armors"

This brought a chuckle from Cale. "You and everyone else Anubis"

Anubis scowled again before disapearing.



Mia heaved a sigh of relief, she had finnaly gotten everyone away from

The Ronins had gone to the city to check it out and Yuli had gone back
to his house. Ryo had insisted on leaving white blaze, for Mia's safety.
Mia chuckled. "It's like having 5 overprotective brothers"

She stopped smiling and stood up when she felt a chill, that wasn't
from the weather.



"What are you doing here again?" Mia asked, looking at Anubis from a
safe distance.

A growl was heard from behind Mia, meaning the tiger had found he was

Anubis wasn't real sure of this himself, but wouldn't have time to
answer if that stupid tiger decided to make him his next meal.

"I came to see you" He told her, then wanted to kill himself for it.

Mia glared at him. "I'm not letting you kidnap me again"

"I didn't come for you, I came to see you" He answered.

Mia loosened a bit, yet still remained on guard. "Why, did Talpa
order it?"

"No one knows I'm here, except you and-" Anubis looked at the tiger. "The

Mia looked at white blaze, whom was ready to pounce if he came another inch.

Something lingered in Mia's head, something she had wanted to know for the
past week. "Why did you let me go?"

Anubis looked half shocked by this question, he had been hoping she hadn't
remembered that.

"I asked you a question" Mia was becoming not scared of this man anymore.
Anubis knew how to answer this, without being truthful. "Plans change"

"But, why me, I thought you were after the armors" Mia asked.

The walord of cruelty infront of her, seemed to be hesitating.

"The Dynasty is after the armors" Anubis looked at her."They are not so much
as my concern, anymore"

About this time the white tiger had realized that he wasn't supposed to
let anyone from the dynasty this close to Mia, so he jumped at Anubis.

He was in mid-air when a voice stopped him.

"White Blaze!" It was Mia. The tiger listened, but didn't stop watching

A voice startled them all.

"Anubis!" It was Ryo's voice, along with the other ronins behind him.