True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Eight


"What are you doing here, Anubis?!" Rowen asked, as the guys got in battle

Anubis knew this was not a good turn of events, considering he needed time
to recover from the last time they met, in the woods.

'This is just great' Anubis thought to himself, taking a step back.

For a while, Mia had no idea what to do.

Before anything could even begin to happen, Anubis retreated back to the

"Are you okay, Mia?" Sage asked. Mia felt like screaming, she was so angry.

She walked back into the house, going up to her room.



"Well, Anubis, back so soon?" Cale taunted, smirking.

Anubis scowled. "Go away, Cale"

Cale smirked, knowing what was drawing Anubis' attention away.

"Maybe that mortal girl is distracting you from your dutys, Anubis"

Anubis spun around, glaring. "I have no distractions"



"You guys, I think Anubis did something to Mia, she's acting strange" Cye
looked over at his friends, whom were all still standing outside.

"You think, Cye" Kento rolled his eyes. "We need to hunt him down and make
him tell us"

Ryo put a hand on Kento's shoulder. "Trust me, he'll come back"

The other ronin warriors looked at Ryo. "How come?" Kento asked.

"He seems to be taking an interest in her, so he'll come back"



Mia looked out over her balcony, convinced she was getting sick.

Well, possibly not sick, but what other explination was there?

Mia noticed someone standing by the woods, yet when she looked
at the figure, it started into the woods.

It took some effort, but Mia managed to sneak out of the house, to follow
this figure.

Almost as if the person had wanted Mia to follow it, the figure went
deeper and deeper into the woods, luring Mia as it went.


It took possibly an hour before the figure stopped, hiding in the shadows.

"It's you again" Mia glared, feeling foolish for being tricked.

Anubis stepped out from the shadows. "You are smart, Mia"

Mia took a step back, for every step he took foward. "Why do you keep
me? What do you want? Is this another scheme of Talpa's?"

Anubis knew what he was about to say, yet he didn't want to.

"This is no scheme, my lady. The dynasty knows hardly anything of you"

She took a step foward, determined about something. "If the Dynasty does
not know about me, then why are you so persistant about following me."

It wasn't actually a question, more of a statement.

"I wouldn't of had to follow you if those dumb ronin warriors would leave
you alone for once in awhile" He grumbled.

Mia was in short surprise. "I'm not afraid of you or the dynasty, I don't
need the ronin warriors to protect me"

"I don't mean for you to be afraid of me, Mia." He told her.

Mia took another step foward. "Then what do you want?"

Anubis was about a 2 feet from her. "Your affection, dear lady"