True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Nine


"Where is she?" Ryo asked, coming down the steps from Mia's room. "She's
been gone an hour"

Rowen came back from looking in the study. "It has to be Anubis"

Ryo nodded. "Where could he have taken her? We didn't even hear her
call us or anything"

"Maybe he didn't take her" Rowen sat down, begining to get a migrain.

The others looked at him, skeptical. "Oh, so Mia just walked with him
off somewhere then?" Kento asked.



Mia was trying to determine if maybe she was dreaming, it had to be.

She couldn't of possibly have just heard the warlord of cruelty tell
her his feelings towards her.

Mia couldn't say she was shocked at the fact he actually had feelings,
she knew he was not as evil as he pretended.

Unknown to the two, Yuli crept up to the bushes to watch them.

A sound rushed threw Anubis' head, it was Talpa.

Anubis cursed on the inside, but decided to do what he was told.

Before disapearing, he made something appear in his hand.

"I'll come back, Mia" The object disappeared from his hand, reappearing
in Mia's hand. Anubis vanished as the wind blew, heading back to the

Mia looked down at the object, a red rose.



Yuli picked at the cereal infront of him. Ryo looked at him, worridly.

"Hey Yuli, whats wrong?"

Yuli looked up, smiling. "Nothing, Ryo" Inside he was confused, by Mia.

Mia walked in the room, happier than she usually was. "Good morning"

Ryo nodded a hello, watching Mia get a cup of coffee and head upstairs
to her study.

Yuli dumped the remains of his cereal in the trash, before heading out the
door. He didn't know what was up with Mia, but he knew she would get upset
if he told the guys.


"Have you all noticed a change in Mia?" Kento asked curiously.

Cye sat down. "She's gotten happier, so what?"

"So, it takes more than an hour to get over depression like she
had, infact-" Kento passed, looking to make sure Mia wasn't around.

"I saw her come back from the woods with a rose"

The boys were silent, until Sage spoke. "So, Mia's got a secret
relationship, is that what your saying?"

Kento shook his head. "No, more like an admirer. If she had a
relationship, we would have already found out"

The kitchen went silent again.

"Yuli was acting strange this morning" Ryo broke the silence, but drew
attention to himself.

"How so?" Rowen asked, the others nodding.

Ryo leaned up against the wall. "As if he was hiding something, I bet
it has to do with Mia"


Yuli felt his heart skip a beat as the ronins came over to him, he knew
what they were going to ask.

"Alright Yuli, spill the beans" Kento folded his arms.

Yuli gave them an innocent smile. "What do you mean?"

"Don't play angel with us Yuli, what do you know about Mia's behavior?"
Rowen asked.

Yuli knew he couldn't blab everything, but some wouldn't hurt.

"I saw who gave her the rose"

This made all of the boys look at him. "Who?"

Yuli bit his tounge, he had as much trouble at keeping secrets as
Kento did.

"Come on Yuli, we won't tell Mia you told us" Sage told him, the others
nodding in agreement.

"It's someone you don't like" Yuli was sure he was going to bite his lip

Ryo sighed in exasperation. "Yuli, we're not going to play guessing games!"


"Come on Yuli! We've guessed everyone we don't like" Kento sighed.

Ryo had been silent for a few minutes. "Is it someone from the dynasty?"

Everyone was silent, Yuli felt his mouth go dry.

It was a good 10 minutes before Yuli nodded yes, surprising everyone.

Ryo stood up from the spot where he was sitting, very angrily.