True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Ten


"Anubis? How can you be so sure?" Cye asked, skeptical.

Ryo clentched his fists in anger. "Why else would he be coming around so
often? Plus, he is always around Mia when he comes"

It seemed almost impossible for the admirer to be Anubis, the warlord
that had a black heart.

"Maybe we're just jumping to conclusions" Rowen suggested.

Ryo looked at them. "Then why don't we ask Mia ourselves? We don't
have to tell her Yuli said anything"

It was agreed, the 5 ronins set off towards Mia's house again, while

Yuli sat on the ground silently.


"Mia?" Sage knocked on the door of Mia's room. "Are you in there?"

Mia opened the door with a smile. "Hi guys, whats wrong?"

They pushed Sage foward, the chosen one to ask her.

"We want to ask you something, Mia" Sage told her, loosing
his nerve by the seconds.

"Ask away" Mia leaned up against the doorway.

Sage knew the guys would be mad if he chickened out, so he
decided to just ask her. "Who gave you that rose?"

Mia looked startled. "What rose?"

"Come on Mia, you came out of the woods holding a rose" Kento

Mia felt her heart jump, she couldn't tell them who had given
it to her. "I found it"

The ronins hadn't thought of that one, but they seriously doubted
that. Mia wasn't the type to bring home flowers, she had said
before that she didn't like taking care of them.

"Did Anubis give you that rose?" Ryo asked.

Mia was shocked, how dare he ask such a question.

"Frankly Ryo, whoever gives me items is not your concern. I can
take care of myself, so please don't attack my personal life" She
closed the door, surprisingly happy at what she had said.

The ronins were astonished, but left her to be.



It had been a week after Mia had last seen Anubis, yet she had
noticed something strange. The rose he had given her, was not
dying. A normal rose would have dried out by now, but this one
remained the same as the day he gave it to her.

The ronins had left Mia alone, but they did not quit talking
about Anubis. It seemed so ironic that whenever Anubis
showed up, he would always be around Mia.

Mia carefully layed the rose on her nightstand, before she
sank into her bed for sleep.

She didn't notice it, but an evil figure sat on her balcony.

The figure smirked evily as he noticed the rose next to
her, she would be perfect.

When the warlord of corruption stepped into the light of Mia's room,
knocking Mia out with his fist.


Anubis appeared on Mia's balcony, he hadn't seen her in such a long time.

She wasn't in her room, yet something layed on her bed.

The rose he had given her, had been cut down the center by a sword.