True Colors
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Eleven


An evil smirk plastered itself across Cale's face. "Your struggle is

Mia pulled at the chain he attached to her arm, wanting to get out of the
dynasty dungeon.

"Let me go, Cale!"

Cale laughed. "I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, it would ruin my intire
plan I have set up for my warlord leader" He chuckled.

"What even makes you think he's going to come?" She asked angrily.
Cale let out another laugh. "Trust me, he'll be here"

"At least tell me what your going to do" Mia tugged at the chain once
more before resting.

"I see no harm in it." He leaned against the wall. "I'm going to kill
Anubis, once and for all"

Mia clentched her teeth. "He's stronger than you are!"

"Maybe so, but he's an idiot. For some unexplainable reason, Anubis
has seemed to have developed a weakness with You" He smirked again. "Though
I might keep you at the dynasty for myself after Anubis is gone"


Dais stood up in one of the higher rooms in the dynasty. There was no
doubt in his mind that Anubis was coming, also there was no doubt that
Anubis was going to blame him for this. Dais had no idea how Cale figured
out about Mia, now Anubis was going to think he had told Cale.

A figure grabbed Dais by his collar, lifting him about 3 inches above the

"How did Cale know?" It was unmistakingly Anubis.
Dais wondered how long his arm supply would hold out at the grip Anubis
had. "I don't know"

Surprisingly, Anubis let Dais fall. "Where is he?"



Anubis blinked his eyes open, where was he?

'This can't be happening' He thought as he saw the nether spirits.

Talpa was trying to brainwash him again, Anubis glared at this.

The last thing he remembered, was after he had saved Mia.

A fight raged on above him, with Talpa.

Anubis reflected a beam from the spirits away from himself.

"I will not longer obey Talpa's evil commands" Anubis jumped from
the cave, dodging the spirits,
to join wildfire in a battle against the evil demon.

Note from Angel Warlord:

Listen up people, this is VERY important!
I am sending you the ending of True colors, but WAIT a second.
There will be a sequel. Why? Because I've planned to make this story
for both types of people. The first story for those who like Anubis as a
and the sequel for those of you whom like him as a monk ^_^
Don't kill me okay? I'll be sending the proluge to it shortly.
But for now, here is the ending to True Colors ^_^ Well...Actually..more
like the ending to this part hehe.