Warlord of Cruelty
By Angel Warlord


I have been told
That someone I love
Doesn't love me
How can it be, when we stand
hand in hand
They told me to stay away from him
The Warlord of Cruelty, someone who
takes pleasure in watching people die
How can he be anything but evil, they ask

My friends
Or so I think
Caring only about my well being
Wich I do not
I care only about the man whom I have
fallen in love with
The man whom saved the kid and I
and whom tried to help Ryo defeat
the evil master of the Dynasty
The man whom took the ancients place
and helped the warriors

Someone who has posed a threat
Someone whom has almost killed
My friends and I
I feel inside I can trust this man
That he won't hurt me any more
To say he doesn't love me
and that I shouldn't love him
Is a waste of their time

Gone now, but not from my heart
I long to hear your voice every night
Yet I know it is impossible
Impossible yet not entirely true
To not hear your voice or to feel
you next to me
Enough to cause nightmares and restless sleep
Yet I feel your not far away
Watching over me
The Warlord of Cruelty