"Always My Love"
The Wedding of Anubis and Mia Koji


"Please Mia, stop fidgeting."
Mia Koji sighed. "Kayura, I'm not fidgeting - I'm breathing!"
Lady Kayura smiled as she adjusted the veil on Mia's wedding dress. She knew Mia was nervous. Well who wouldn't be on their wedding day?
Mia's bedroom was filled with joy and excitement. Today, Mia would marry her fiancé, Anubis, the former Dark Warlord of Cruelty. The two had been through so much over the years. At first they were enemies, fighting and believing in different causes that would determine the fate of the Mortal Realm. Much later did they become allies and eventually friends. When Anubis died after having driven Badamon out of Kayura's body, Mia thought her world had shattered into millions of pieces. That fate was playing a horrible trick on her. It was a few years later that Anubis was resurrected and re-entered Mia's life. Throughout the struggles they experienced, the two realized how much they really loved each other
Mia forced herself to calm down. All around her where her family and friends helping her prepare for the ceremony that would take place in just an hour. Mia's mother was on her knees fixing the hem of Mia's gown. Kayura had finished adjusting the veil and was now checking Mia's face to see if she would have to add any more make up. Naria was brushing Mia's long reddish-brown hair and at the same time making a tiny braid in it.
It was amazing how both Mukara and Naria were able to make it to the wedding on time. While preparing a guest list, Mia wanted to invite the two but didn't know how to contact them without having to fly all the way to Africa. So Kayura did her a favor and traveled to their village and with luck on her side, found them. She told the two that she was a friend of Mia's and the Ronin Warriors and explained what was going to take place. Mukara and Naria happily agreed to go, seeing as how the Ronins helped them in the past and had attended their wedding after Mukara had been freed from the Black Armor's control forever.
"Almost done," Mrs. Koji announced. "And... there!"
She stood up and placed her hands on her hips to inspect her own work. She wore a dark blue gown with a blue and black sash around her waist. Mia was most happy when she found that her parents could fly from France to her wedding. She knew in the past they weren't always in agreement with one another, resulting in constant fights but today was a special day not to be missed.
Kayura wore a sleeveless pink and velvet red dress. There was a yellow bow with a deep blue jewel in the middle on the front of her dress. Her long blue hair was placed up in her normal ponytail except that there was a red and pink ribbon that held it all together.
Naria wore a unique looking garment from her homeland in Africa. It was green with a yellow sash around her waist. She wore gold bracelets around her wrists and ankles. It was never the less quite stunning. Her light blue hair was worn loose with the exception of one delicate braid that rested behind one ear. There was a red flower tucked behind her other ear.
"There you are Mia," Naria said as she finished brushing the bride-to-be's hair. She tossed the brush onto the bed and carefully fixed Mia's veil one more time before being satisfied. She then said, "It will be interesting to see how your culture performs the wedding ceremony."
Mia smiled. "You'll be surprised to find, Naria, that it's not that much different from your wedding." Then looking at everyone, she said, "I can't thank you all enough for coming."
"Nonsense!" Mrs. Koji replied. "I'm your mother. I know we've had some rough times in the past but that's all over with. Besides I wouldn't miss my own daughter's wedding for the world!"
"Thanks mom," Mia whispered. She realized how much her mother and father have changed over the years and for that she was grateful. "Thank you so much..."
Kayura said, "You may not know it, but you've helped us out in more ways than one. We're so happy that you invited us to your joyful event."
She hugged Mia and was glad to find herself being hugged back.
"Oh would you two stop?" Mrs. Koji exclaimed with a grin. "We'll never finish if all of this hugging keeps up!"

Downstairs was very much like upstairs. Six individuals were gathered in the living room. Five of them were teenagers dressed in black tuxedoes. They were a special group of friends who have been through so much in their young lives. They were Ryo, Rowen, Kento, Cye, and Sage. But perhaps they were better known as Wildfire, Strata, Hardrock, Torrent, and Halo--the Ronin Warriors!
Outside of Mia's house was where the wedding would take place. Everything was just about set: chairs for the guests, punch and snacks on tables, the hired band that would play the music was setting up on the sidelines, a long red carpet from the front door led to where the minister would stand, and flowers were placed on stands around the perimeter of the wedding event. There was a floral archway by the front door and one over by the altar where the bride and groom would walk under.
It was such a beautiful day--courtesy of Kale, the former Dark Warlord of Corruption. He used his powers to keep away the storm clouds and cold weather that would have threaten to ruin the outside wedding. Dais, the former Dark Warlord of Illusion was seeing the arriving guests to their seats with the help of little Ully and his parents. Sekhmet, the former Dark Warlord of Venom was doing last minute arrangements inside the dining room for the reception they would have afterwards. Kale was helping people find their way to the wedding, seeing as how Mia's house was located quite aways from the city and living in the forest. White Blaze was asleep out on the patio, out of sight so the guests wouldn't be frightened of him.
Back inside, Ryo was staring at the guests through the front door. "Man, look at 'em all! This is gonna be a fantastic wedding."
Kento said, "I'll say. And look at all the food! It'll be one delicious wedding!" He licked his lips and rubbed his hands together.
Cye made a face. "You and food, I swear! You couldn't live without one another, could you?"
Rowen and Sage exchanged glances before laughing. Soon all five were laughing aloud.
Near the living room window was the sixth individual, Anubis. He wore a black tuxedo fit for what a groom should wear for his wedding. He was quiet as he stood alone with his thoughts. He couldn't believe that he and Mia were finally getting married. After all they have been through, all the pain, the hardships, the happiness--they would finally be rewarded.
"Hey Anubis."
He glanced over his shoulder and found Ryo standing behind him. "Wildfire, I--"
Ryo shook his head and grinned heartily. "C'mon Anubis. Quit with the formal titles already! You're almost as bad as Kale, Sekhmet, and Dais."
"Forgive me, Ryo. I suppose I'm just excited about what's to come."
"You should be! I mean it's your wedding day, man!" Ryo replied. He move closer until he stood beside the red-haired man. "And lemme tell you that you'll be marrying the most wonderful girl in the world."
"Yeah, Mia's very special," Rowen supplied. "She's like a sister to us but we know you'll take good care of her."
Kento went over and gave Anubis a hearty punch on the arm. "What's the matter? Getting cold feet on us?"
"Why wouldn't he be?" Rowen asked. "This is his big day!"
"Anubis, we know you'll make Mia happy," Ryo said softly, meaning every word.
"What happened in the past--it's in the past," Sage stated from behind. He was leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. "You will carve a bright future with Mia. You just make sure you don't ever make her cry."
Anubis regarded the Warrior of Light. He knew that Sage had more than a passing concern for Mia. In fact he had strong feelings for her. But he had learned to let go, to let Mia choose who she will love. He was indeed happy for her but a part of him felt as though he was going to loose her.
Just then Ully burst into the house, wearing a little black tuxedo with a red cummerbund. "Guys! It's time to start! All the guests are here!"
"Looking sharp there kid," Kento commented as he messed the little boy's hair. Ully giggled and rubbed his head.
Ryo patted Anubis' shoulder. "We'll see ya."
"All right! Let's get this show on the road, people!" Kento hollered. He lifted Ully onto his shoulders and made his way outside, with the other four Ronin Warriors right behind him.
Anubis stayed behind. In a matter of time, he and Mia would be united as one, together forever. He felt happy yet nervous at the same time. He loved her so much. He made a vow to her on the day he proposed to her that he would never let her be harmed. He would keep that vow until the end of time.
"You ready?"
Behind him was Sekhmet, the best man. How ironic that the two used to be excellent rivals, which was why Talpa had them work together. After what they have been through, Anubis had asked Sekhmet to be his best man. Shocked yet honored, Sekhmet accepted. And from that point on, the two became friends.
"I believe I am," Anubis replied with a grin.
Sekhmet nodded. "Let's go."


The guests were all in their seats. Most of the guests were Mia's friends from school and some relatives. The Ronins' families attended as well, having met Mia and knowing how much she's helped their boys out. Ryo, Rowen, Kento, Sage, and Cye were seated at the front row on one side looking very excited. On the other side at the front row was Dais and Kale. Seated behind them was Naria and her husband Mukara. The Warlords found Mukara to be an odd fellow. Always silent and never socializing with anyone but Naria...
The Ronins seated Ully's parents near the front and were taking pictures of Ully who was standing nearby. Ully was the ring bearer and in his hands was a pillow with two rings resting on top. The minister was at the altar with the groom and best man.
"Where is she?" Anubis whispered as he gazed over at the front door. "Everyone's staring at us."
Sekhmet smirked. "We're standing in front of them, aren't we? Calm yourself, Anubis. I believe she's coming in just a few moments..."
As if on cue, Lady Kayura, the maid of honor, appeared at the front door. She gave a signal to the band, which meant they were ready to begin. The leader of the band nodded and on the count of three, they started the wedding march. It was played with skill and delicacy.
Kayura walked down the isle holding a bouquet of white roses. She looked notably remarkable in her dress, almost like a professional model. She arrived at the altar and smiled warmly at Anubis before taking her place on the other side of him.
Next came the two flower girls. They slowly walked side by side as they showered the red carpet with pink flower petals. They took their places at the altar alongside Kayura.
Afterwards the band restarted the wedding march, this time louder. The guests all turned around in their seats and gazed at the floral archway. Before them stood Mia in her beautiful wedding gown with her father ready to give her away.
The Ronin Warriors' jaws fell as they watched Mia walk down the isle. She looked absolutely stunning and in no doubt Anubis was thinking the same thing. She looked just like a princess. He gazed helplessly at his fiancee. Mia met his eyes and they became locked with one another. For a moment everything around them seemed to vanish and that there was only the two of them.
Mia arrived at the altar just as the wedding march toned down. Mr. Koji gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek before leaving her side. Mia and Anubis stood side by side and everyone fell silent as the minister began to speak.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in order to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Do you Mia Koji take Anubis to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love and cherish through sickness and in health till death do you part?"
Mia replied, "I do."
Then the minister said to Anubis, "Do you Anubis take Mia Koji as your lawfully wedded wife? To love and cherish through sickness and in health till death do you part?"
"I do," said Anubis.
"Now the rings."
Ully proudly held up the rings and gave them to Anubis and Mia. The couple smiled at the boy as they took them. Anubis placed his ring on Mia's finger while Mia placed her ring on Anubis' finger.
The minister then said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."
Anubis and Mia turned and faced one another, both of their faces flushed with joy. Their hands became entwined as Anubis lowered his head and kissed her fully on the lips. And what a kiss we see in deed! Mia slipped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.
The hoorays started with Ully while Ryo, Rowen, Kento, Cye, and Sage began the applause. Anubis and Mia broke their blissful kiss and beamed at their friends and family as they watched them standing, clapping, and cheering. Together the two of them ran down the isle as the guests threw rice at them and cheered ever louder. They went through the archway and into the house where the reception would be held. The band quickly gathered their instruments and followed everyone into the house.


The house was filled with such merriment and gaiety. Drinks and desserts were served at the dining table. Kento was the first person there to check out the goods. The rest of the Ronins and Warlords socialized with one another and with some of the guests. Anubis and Mia endured the torturous prompting of the wedding photographer. Then he took a snapshot of everyone with the bride and groom in the middle. Thereafter the guests took their turns congratulating Mia and Anubis.
"Congratulations, Anubis!" Cye said as he shook his hand.
"Yeah, way to go!" Ryo added with such cheer.
Sage hugged Mia and said in a quiet voice, "I'm very happy for you."
The band, which had set up their equipment in the living room announced that they would begin to play a few songs and that the bride and groom would share their first dance. So everyone made a circle around Anubis and Mia as they went in the middle. Holding one another, they began to dance as the band played a beautiful melody that was very enchanting. It much appropriate to reflect the lives they have both shared with one another.
"I love you," Anubis whispered as he held Mia close.
Mia gazed up at him, her eyes shining. "I love you too."
She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes, lulled by both the music and the sound of his heart beat. He embraced her as they danced, inhaling her sweet scent.
When the song ended, the guests all cheered as they did when they became husband and wife. The bandleader tapped her microphone and said, "Okay folks! Time for something more upbeat!"
With that the band began to play some songs that people may have heard on the radio or seen on TV. Mr. Koji went over and danced with his daughter while Mrs. Koji practically yanked her new son-in-law into her arms. Anubis chuckled as he found himself dancing all over the place with her. For someone her age, she could apparently keep on going!
The Ronins danced with some girls and just to be goofy, started dancing with one another. The Warlords stood by the dessert table and talked to some more of the guests. Mukara and Naria found themselves dancing to the strange yet enjoyable beat. They found it to be very different from what they were used to in Africa but never the less amusing. Ully and some of the other kids were running all over the place, chasing one another and just having fun.
Soon came time to endure the traditional wedding activities such as the tossing of the bouquet!
Nearly all of the women gathered together as Mia stood upstairs over the railing. She giggled as she saw Kayura trying to find a spot in the crowd. Turning around, Mia shouted, "Ready? Here goes!"
She tossed the flowers over her head and all she heard were girls scrambling about the place. They nearly trampled over one another to get the bouquet while the men looked onward in astonishment. Finally after a few minutes of confusion, Lady Kayura came out the victor. She waved the bouquet over her head and shouted in jubilation. The Ronins and Warlords couldn't help but burst out laughing. They couldn't believe the way Kayura was acting; it was so unlike her! Moreover it was pretty funny to watch.
Next was the garter toss. The women cleared the floor and as soon as they had left, most of the men swarmed to the area. Mia went back downstairs to where Anubis waited for her. It had taken Anubis some time to understand what he was supposed to do. He pulled out a seat for her and kneeled down. Mia lifted her dress only high enough so Anubis could slip off her garter.
"I must say this is quite an odd event," Anubis mused.
Mia smiled as she placed her dress over her leg once more. "Well, we have to do something for everyone, Anubis."
"Oh yeah here we go!" Kento shouted. "That baby's gonna be mine!"
"Yeah when you buy your own," Sage snickered.
The garter was tossed and the boys charged for it. At one point it was Dais and Kale who each had a part of it but were trying to pry it from one another. Suddenly it flew from their fingers and sailed all the way to the other side of the room and on top of Mukara's head.
Naria giggled as Mukara gingerly picked the garter from his head and stared at it. He lifted his eyes up and gasped as he found a herd of men charging towards him. Before he knew it he was trampled underneath them all. Naria, who managed to step aside gasped.
Ryo popped up and scratched his head. "Oops, sorry Mukara. I guess we forgot to put on the breaks, huh?"
After that was over, coffee and tea was served. Several of the boys went for a serving of the wedding cake. As quickly as they got up, they went for seconds. And thirds and fourths...
Others simply sat, enjoying the end of the day. The warm temperature began to cool and comfortable breezes blew through the open windows and curtains. Anubis and Mia were out on the patio spending some time with one another.
"This whole day has been so wonderful," Mia said as she gazed off at the ravishing sunset. The suns golden rays slowly turned into reddish-orange and the skies grew dark. A few of the remaining white clouds floated past, eventually fading into nothing. A flock of birds flew from the treetops below and into the direction of the sun.
Anubis turned away from the scenery and caressed Mia's cheek with the back of his hand. He then cupped her chin with his hand. "If this is a dream, I hope I will never wake up. Darling, I love you so much."
"I love you too, husband of mine."
They shared a sweet, tender kiss, one that fulfilled their love and vow to one another. Just a few moments later something rubbed against Anubis' leg. Gazing down, the two discovered White Blaze looking up and them and making a purring sound. Anubis smiled and Mia laughed as she knelt down and hugged the white tiger.
"How could we have forgotten you, White Blaze?" Mia giggled as she kissed the top of his head.
White Blaze replied by licking her face and purring some more.


"This was a wonderful wedding," Naria said as she and Mukara stood outside of the house.
A clean up crew arrived and cleared the area. Tables, chairs, food, and decorations were taken away. The guests, minus the Ronins and Warlords had all gone home, leaving their wedding presents inside the house. Mia's parents were staying at a hotel in Toyama before leaving in the morning. It was nearly midnight when Naria announced that she and Mukara had to return home.
"Thank you for coming," Mia said. "Both of you."
She and Anubis stood at the front door wearing casual clothes. The Ronin Warriors were standing behind them, also in casual clothing. The Warlords were inside taking a break from helping the clean up crew. They had said their good-byes to the couple not long ago.
"Good-bye you two," Ryo said with a wave of his hand. "Hope to see you soon."
"Later Wildfire," Mukara said with a smirk--that was the first time he had spoken since he and his wife had arrived.
With that, he slipped his hand into Naria's and waved to them all. A faint glow surrounded them and moments later they vanished into the night, journeying to Africa. The rest of the group simply stood in silence, enjoying the night. Finally Rowen spoke up.
"Hey you two, aren't ya gonna go on your honeymoon?"
"But of course Rowen," Anubis said. "In due time, that is."
"Thank you guys so much for coming," Mia said, her arm slipping around Anubis' waist. She leaned against his shoulder and added, "I don't know how to thank you."
Ryo grinned boyishly. "Don't bother Mia. You've done so much for us. You deserved this day--both of you." The others nodded in agreement.


"Anubis, I can't find the clothes I packed," Mia yelled from her bedroom. "Did you happen to see them earlier?"
"Don't worry about it, Mia," Anubis replied from the hallway. He had a suspicious smile on his handsome face. He was leaning against the wall next to the door when his wife came back out.
"Anubis, I still can't--oh!"
Before Mia could even blink, she found herself being lifted into Anubis' arms. She automatically wrapped her arms around his neck. Anubis chuckled and kissed the top of her head. He turned around and made his way down the end of the hallway and over to a single window. He opened the window with ease and in one fluid motion he jumped out of the house and into the treetops.
Mia gasped but found herself laughing as she and Anubis made their way through the forest. The night was cool and crisp, not enough to make them cold though. The full moon was shining like a giant glowing orb burning through the darkness. Anubis leaped from treetop to treetop, holding Mia close in his embrace. Mia asked no questions but allowed herself to only wonder about their mysterious journey.
Finally they arrived at their destination. Mia was surprised that they were standing a few yards away from the lake house. It was standing silently over by the lake; what surprised her the most was the fact that her jeep was parked beside the house with a couple of her suitcases as well as his tied to the top. So that was here her belongs had gone! Not to mention her jeep! She thought that somebody had stolen it. And to think she wondered why in the world Anubis wouldn't let her call the police.
"Anubis, did you...?"
Anubis grinned softly. "Forgive me, love, but I asked Sage to give me lessons on driving that device. That is why it's been missing at times..."
"Oh, Anubis!" She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. "You did this for me?"
He smiled. He carried her over to the lake house and took her inside. Mia gasped as she discovered the inside to be beautifully furnished--all the comforts of home. The old furniture had been switched around and a few other new additions were there as well, brightening the place a bit. She then wandered to the other rooms to see that they too have been renovated as well. After a quick look, she went back to the living room area.
"Anubis... You did... all of this?" Mia was in awe. She got to her feet and walked around the main room a few moments, her eyes darting at everything. "It's so wonderful..."
Anubis nodded. "I wanted this to be special."
The young woman turned and faced him once more, her eyes watery. "Anubis, I don't know how to thank you. You've made me so happy...!"
"I think I know a way."
Anubis went over to her and kissed her. Mia moaned, suddenly feeling light headed by this marvelous, delicate kiss. She didn't notice herself behind lead over to the bed. She didn't notice being lowered to onto the mattress. She didn't notice her husband as he began to unbutton her shirt. All she noticed was his love for her. She loved him so much as he did for her.
"I love you," she whispered against his lips.
"I love you too," he replied as he kissed her once more. "Always my love."
Mia knew that she would be forever happy with Anubis.


The End