Inbetween Worlds
A Sequel to "Sacrifices"
By Stephanie



Anubis opened his eyes to find himself floating in a void of blackness
with Mia in his arms. She was still asleep and he looked down at her
admiringly. Then it hit him. He was dead. Where was he? Why does he
still have a body if he's dead?
"Do not be afraid Anubis, you are safe here." A strange voice echoed
within the void. He looked around to see a monk with a gold staff
approaching him, walking in the void as if it were nothing.
"Who are you?" Anubis asked in an unsure voice, holding Mia's body to
his. The monk smiled slightly.
"I am the Ancient, a spirit that gaurds the mortal world. You and the
young woman have done well. You defeated the Dark Queen and have saved
earth." He congradulated the two. Anubis noticed that Mia still did not
stir. He looked down at her worridly.
"Where are we? I thought we were dead?" He asked the monk, keeping his
eye on him warily. The Ancient nodded.
"Yes you are. Both of you are here in spirit. This is a world inbetween
worlds. Here, time is of no matter and only spirits may cross the void. I
brought you here for a special reason. Your spirit is a fighting one and
you should not have died so tragically." Anubis eyed the monk carefully,
not comprehending what he was saying. The monk continued. "In the near
future, a new evil will threaten the mortal realm. You must don a special
armor to weild against the tryanny of the Dynasty." Anubis' eyes widened at
the mention of the Dynasty.
"But the Dynasty is gone, I slayed its ruler with my own sword." Anubis
protested to the Ancient. The monk shook his head.
"Perhaps it is too complicated for your mind to understand. I will allow
you to return to the mortal realm in 100 years to fight this evil. When
that time has come, you will lead the chosen warriors into battle against
this evil." The Ancient saw Anubis look down at the woman.
"And what of Mia? She can fight too." Anubis held her body to his and
prayed she woke up soon. The Ancient nodded in respect.
"Yes, she did fight well in the battles. But she was not meant to be a
warrior. Her spirit is gentle and kind, not that of a warrior's. She will
not be going back. That is why she is not awakening." He saw Anubis' eyes
fill with rage.
"I will not do it! Not if I have to leave her here!" He shouted angrily
to the monk. The Ancient sighed.
"It can be arranged that she will come back, but it will be a long time
from now." He eyed Anubis carefully.
"Then I will wait for her and carry out my duties until she returns to
me." Anubis replied. The monk nodded solemnly.
"Then it is done. She will be the warriors' gaurdian. She will lead
them to eachother. Now, come with me. It is time to prepare for the
battle." Anubis nodded in agreement, and looked down at Mia. "She will be
resting here, in the void, until I summon her spirit back to earth. She
will be safe, do not worry for her safety." The Ancient told Anubis softly.
Anubis saw Mia's resting form. She had fought so hard in the battles.
Her delicate body was revived from the seven years of battle and she was
young again. Her vibrant looks were what had caught his attention in the
first place. Anubis leaned over and kissed her forehead.
"I promise Mia, I will be with you again." He then disappeared with the
Ancient to begin the long journey.


100 years later~~~~~~~~

It was a cold day in winter when Anubis returned to the mortal realm. He
waited anxiously day after day for Mia to return to him, but she never did.
He had met 3 other warriors. Their names were Cale, Dais, and Seckment. He
enjoyed their company, but longed to have Mia in his arms once again. The
Ancient had told him that they would meet the other 5 warriors soon and the
attack on the Dynasty would begin soon after.
Suddenly, out of the dark winter sky appeared a face. His unatural red
eyes were glowing and the white hair of the demon was blowing in the wind.
"So you are the four chosen ones." His voice called out. Anubis stood,
ready for battle.
"We are the four chosen to destroy you!" He shouted defiantly. The
demon only laughed.
"I, Talpa, have much to offer you. I can give you power beyond your
dreams. I can give you anything you've ever wanted. Join me and it will be
yours." At first, the four did not want to join. Cale was the first to
give in to the powers. He was always vulnerable to his greed. Seckment was
next, giving in to the promise of immortality. Dais was taken next,
swearing loyalty after being promised eternal life and phenominal power.
Anubis was the only one left, but he never lost faith that Mia would come by
his side. It was nearly 20 years after he first saw Talpa when he too
falled under the demon's control.
"There is something you seek Anubis. Tell me, there is something you
yearn for, is there not?" Talpa asked testingly. Anubis glared at him.
"That is no concern of yours!" Anubis shouted.
"Ah, but it is. I can give you what you want. There is a girl you have
spoken of to your former comrades. Mia, I believe was her name. Join me
and you will have her again. The Ancient only promised to return her to you
so you would accept the armor. He deceived you Anubis. Join me and you
will have what you want!" Talpa's voice boomed and echoed around Anubis.
Mia. That was what Anubis truly wanted. He wanted to be with her again.
"Mia? You know where I can find her?" Anubis asked hopefully.
"Only if you pledge your loyalty to me." Talpa demanded.
"As you wish master Talpa." Replied Anubis while bowing before his new
master. Anubis was suddenly surrounded by red light.
"Foolish mortal! I shall erase these useless memories from your mind!"
That is when Anubis realized he had been tricked.
"No! Mia! I'm sorry....I didn't know!" He shouted, wishing he could
tell her he didn't mean to be tricked so easily. He was surrounded by red
light and in a flash, all memories of the woman he loved vanished from his


400 years later~~~~~~ (almost present day)


The Ancient looked down at the auburn haired woman, still asleep and
still floating in the void. He shook his head. Talpa had corrupted Anubis.
The monk had had high hopes for that warrior. He sighed as he saw Mia's
resting form. It had been 400 years since Anubis turned. Mia's spirit had
been in the void for 500 years. He sighed and decided it was time to awaken
her. The 5 warriors would be coming soon and he knew she would guide them.
But he also knew Anubis had lost all memories of Mia. If he woke Mia up,
she would still remember and this would cause her grief. He did the only
thing he could do.
"Power of light, erase the memories of her loved one from her mind. Give
her the knowledge and strength to guard the warriors. They need her help to
defeat Talpa!" Golden light encircled Mia as the Ancient held his staff
over her. Mia's eyes began to flutter open and in a flash, she was taken to
the mortal realm.
"Good luck young one. You will need it." Whispered the Ancient. He
knew she was about to join the battle once again. If only he could change
the past. But Ryo of the Wildfire would appear in 4 years, just enough time
for Mia to settle in and adapt to life on earth again. In four years, just
four short years, the entire world would change and the battle between good
and evil would begin again.