Yume Ga Yume Nara...
(If the Dream Was a Dream...)
Part One

By Mia Koji/Yagyu Nasuti

Clattering in the kitchen woke Anubis at ten o' clock in the morning. He didn't utter a sound as he opened his eyes. The mild sunlight shone through the window, and stirred the dust on the feudal Japanese armors lining the walls.

The man sat up, and looked around the room. The bedside table had a digital clock, by which Anubis first realized the late hour. He turned his head to look to the teenage girl sleeping beside him.

Mia Koji lay on her back, still sleeping through the ruckus. Her hands lightly rested on her slowly rising and falling breast.

Anubis put his feet on the floor,and slowly stood up from the bed. He straightened the linens of his garb, and walked past the foot of the bed.

"You sleep with your mouth open." Anubis spoke at Mia's beside.

Mia stirred, and moaned as she moved her arms. Opening her eyes (and closing her mouth. ^^;), she faced Anubis.

"Good morning." Anubis cordially greeted.

Mia blinked, not yet sitting up. "Anubis?"

"It sounds as if the child is up and about." Anubis looked towards the doorway.

Mia sat up in an instant,and put her feet on the floor. "Yuli?"

As if on que, clattering sounded again, and Mia stood. "That's from the kitchen...!"

Anubis watched Mia run past him into the hallway.