Yume Ga Yume Nara...
(If the Dream Was a Dream...)
Part Three

By Mia Koji/Yagyu Nasuti

At the table, Anubis watched Mia cook in silence. Yuli eyed Anubis apprehensively, with his brow furrowed and a threatening frown on his face.

"By the way you're looking at her, I assume she's your type." Yuli said in a low voice.

Anubis blinked, hearing what the boy said. His eyes shifted to the boy for a second, but then he looked back to Mia. In a much lower voice than Yuli, he replied. "You speak well for someone so young."

Yuli beat the eggs harder. "It's because I hang around people twice my age. I pick up a lot." He paused, and his eyes widened. "You're trying to change the subject, aren't you?!" the boy pointed at the man with his dripping wisk.

Mia called from the stove, "Yuli, get some plates."

"Okay!" Yuli dropped his wisk, and ran across the kitchen to get some plates. He ran back to the table, and set them out.

Mia walked over to the table, and scraped Yuli's eggs on a plate. "Here you go! Get some grapes out of the fridge quick, or your eggs'll get cold!"

Yuli ran across again, this time to the refigerator to get a bowl of grapes out. He sat back down at the table, and set the bowl in the middle of the table.

"Anubis." Mia turned to the man, and unintentionally got eye-contact with him before getting her question out.

"Hmm?" Anubis looked at Mia with a perfectly straight face.

"...." Mia froze in mid-sentence. Blood rushed to her cheeks, and her throat went dry.

Yuli put a forkful of eggs in his mouth with a huff, and looked at the two. He broke the silence. "This needs salt."

Mia blinked, and quickly looked away from Anubis. Her face went back to its normal shade, and her voice came back. "Right here!" she reached over to the middle of the table, and put it in front of Yuli. "Remember, you can always add more, but never take out!" she piped, taking the bowl in a rush. She dashed back to the stove, and poured in the eggs.

Anubis blinked, admittedly confused, "What is it you were going to ask me?"

"Huh?" Mia didn't turn around.

"You were going to ask me something."

"I was?--oh! That's right!" Mia stirred the eggs in the skillet. She turned around, smiling. "How do you want your eggs?"

Anubis paused before answering, trying to read Mia's behavior, "...however you're having them is fine."

"Okay!" Mia turned back around. "I like mine really wet, so it'll just be sec!"

"...however you're having them is fine..." Yuli sneered below his breath.

Anubis looked to Yuli, who darkly glared at him from across the table.

"Yuli!" Mia rose her pitch a bit, to which Yuli flinched.

Yuli turned to Mia. "Huh?"

"Why didn't you get three plates? Anubis has to eat, too!"

Yuli folded his arms. "He's a grown man, he can feed himself!"

Mia sighed,and scraped the eggs onto her plate. "It's called 'manners', Yuli." Mia slid the plate in front of Anubis. "Sorry."

"It's nothing." Anubis smiled up at Mia, to which she didn't respond.

"He sure was polite all those times he captured up and faught the guys..." Yuli muttered, picking at his eggs.

"I heard that!" Mia called from the fridge. "No more Yuli. I mean it."

Yuli slumped in his chair.

What is eating Yuli? Mia wondered as she broke two more eggs in the bowl. She watched the boy sulk in his chair.

"Can I be excused?" Yuli droned.

"Yes. Go get dressed." Mia said, and watched the boy leave silently.

Both she and Anubis let out a relieved sigh. They looked to eachother, and chuckled.

"I'm really sorry. I don't know why he's acting so..." she apologized, but faded off.

"He misses Wildfire, no doubt." Anubis replied. "It's alright. It's understandable. He is just a boy."

Mia beat her eggs. "I'll talk to him after breakfast."

Silence followed Mia's words, which made her grow tense. She loved how Anubis could remain untroubled in even the most dire of situations, but at the same time, she hated it, because it resulted in her killing all possible conversations with him.

Not that she was dying to speak to him.

Of course not.

Mia's violent beating of her eggs had captured the attention of Anubis. Mia's brow was stern and furrowed, and her lips were tightly pressed.

"I didn't realize it was ailing you so much." Anubis said.

Mia blinked, snapping out of her deep thought process. "Oh!" she gasped,and stopped her furious beating. "That's plenty beaten!" she rushed over to the stove, and began to cook. I have got to stop acting so odd! Anubis will start suspecting something...! The scene of the kiss appeared in her mind again, and she blushed once more. It felt so real...could it possibly...? She walked back to the table, and paused,looking for a plate. "Oh, right..." she walked over to a cabinet, and took a plate out. She walked back to the table, and sat herself down next to Anubis. She scraped her eggs onto her plate, and then set the pan on top of Yuli's plate.

Reaching for the salt, Mia stole a glance of the man next to her. He seemed to adjust well to a fork. Maybe she should've made him rice instead...

She shook on a dash of salt and pepper, and picked up a fork. She was about to dig in, when she realized she couldn't.

Her face was a little flushed, and her heart felt like it was about to jump right out of her chest!

I...can't understand this! Mia glared at her eggs. Why am I reacting to this dream like this?! She once again glanced to Anubis. It had to have been a dream...or else...or else--why isn't he reacting at all--if it really happened?!

Anubis looked to Mia, who was still staring at him.

Mia stiffened up a bit, and smiled nervously. She turned back to her eggs. Idiot. Start eating. She dug her fork into the eggs, and finally ate a bite.

"Still tired?" Anubis asked.

"Mmh." Mia swallowed. "A bit groggy. A shower will fix that." Hoping to avoid silence, she reciprocated. "What about you?"

"I'm quite alert." Anubis went back to his eggs. "I sense that we'll accomplish something crucial soon."

Mia nodded, keeping her eyes on her eggs. "I hope you're right, Anubis."

Anubis looked back to Mia. Her hopeless tone of voice grabbed his attention.

Mia heard the clanging of Anubis's fork on his plate, and quickly following it, she felt herself being pulled close to him.

Mia felt Anubis's arm around her shoulders. Her head was softly resting against his chest.

"Stay strong, Mia." Anubis encouragingly squeezed her shoulder.

Mia stared at Anubis's knees. She was blushing again. She heard his soft heartbeat, as it beat in sync with her own. Why?! He's making this impossible to bear! She wanted to put her arms around his waist, but she was horrified. If it wasn't a dream...why won't he kiss me again?!

She pulled away. It must've been a dream. He's just being protective. "I'll clean the dishes after my shower."  She stood up, and left Anubis alone in the kitchen.