Yume Ga Yume Nara...
(If the Dream Was a Dream...)
Part Six

By Mia Koji/Yagyu Nasuti


"What?! H-hey! The power's out!"

The lights had just flickered out in the Koji estate.

"The lightning storm must be getting worse." Anubis replied to Mia's statement.

Mia stood up from her stool, and heaved a frustrated sigh. "What a perfect time for nature to turn her back on us!" She tossed her hair oer her shoulder, and folded her arms. She scornfully looked over to the computer, and to Anubis's surprise, she began to talk to it.

"Oh, well! You were little help to me, anyway! Serves you right!" she bent over, and spoke straight into the screen. "I hope you're happy!"

Anubis looked on with a face that was nothing short of perplexed. "Does that device of yours actually hear you?"

Mia almost fell forward into the computer screen at that comment. Even if he was a few centuries old, his ignorance certainly clashed with his wisdom!

But, gol-lee, does he age well...

That random thought took Mia herself by surprise. Thank goodness she didn't say that out loud.

Suddenly, common sense kicked in again. (Gotta love that reality!) She stood, and walked over to a phone. She took out a phone book, and turned to the electrician's number. She dialed the phone number, and waited for an answer.

Anubis watched Mia twist the cord around her finger. "Yes. I'm calling to report a power outage--oh? Oh, dear."

Anubis heard only one part of the conversation as Mia paced a small area slowly. "Yes. Certainly. Thank you." Mia hung up. "How odd."

"What is it, Mia?" Anubis asked as she sat back down.

"It seems that over half of Tokyo is down. It's not the storm causing it." Mia reached behind the computer to turn off the main switch.

"It must be turbulence from the Dynasty." Anubis turned to the window to watch the heavy rain run down the glass. "There is much unrest on the other side of the battle."

Mia shifted in her seat. "Mm..." she turned, and looked at Anubis. "Do you think the guys are alright?"

There was a pause. The rain pured heavily on the roof, making a rolling hum in the room.

Lightning flashed, and Anubis looked to Mia over his shoulder. "I don't know, Mia."

Thunder soon followed. Her eyes lowered. "I see." She stood from her chair, and took Anubis's arm. "Come with me, please. To the basement. I need your strength."

She tugged his arma bit, and squeezed it. She didn't get eyecontact with Anubis, and he noticed.

"What do you mean?" the man inquired.

"You'll see."