Alright. You've read all the stories, taken a look at all the fanart the gallery has to offer, and it's still not enough!!!

It's alright, we're here to help. The wonderful people at the Shrine to the Love of Mia and Anubis have started a "support-group", if you don't mind me calling it, for all of you that think that Mia and Anubis are just the bee's knees!

Since I can't recall how to exactly put the code here so you can join the ML, why not go to the community page for the Mia and Anubis mailing list, and join over there? It's real easy, and I promise, for those who don't like to get tons and tons of e-mail every day, you don't have to worry about it. This list is by far one of the most polite and tame lists I've ever been on. (And my motto usually is: "If you like an anime, don't join its mailing list.") I give this ML a thumbs-up. Actually, if anything, I wish it were a bit more active!

Go to the Mia and Anubis Community Page! (You know you want to!)