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One of the earlier anime controversies is the inticing debate of Anubis/Shutendouji. Could he have possibly died in such an understated, yet noble way? Some say that if he were to ever be resurrected, it would defeat the purpose of his tragic and admirable death. Others say that it doesn't matter, that his death would have been just as noble even if he was resurrected.
Either way, this page is a pro-Mia and Anubis page, so if you don't like this idea, or if you're anti-Mia (WHY?!), I would not recommend checking out this site. ^^; You won't like what you see.
Just in case you're curious, 76716 have been here already! I know, I know, it's not a lot YET...but this site was built on December 11th, 1999, so I'm not having unrealistic expectations.

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