I'm sure that those of you who know me aren't surprised at all by this page. But for those of you that don't know me, you're probably thinking "this girl's INSANE!".
I'm glad you finally came to terms with that. I certainly have. ^^

I'm usually really good at writing down my thoughts. However, being concise is a weakness of mine. So, as a warning, this might get a wee bit...wordy.

The best thing just happened! The "Ask Shuten" feature at Dais and Kento's webpage answered my question...read below:

Dear Shuten-san,
There seems to be a lot of Shuten/Nasuti webpages popping up on the web nowadays!
What do you have to say about the pairing?

P.S.--You're *far* cuter than Seiiji, so ignore what people say. ^^
The only one close to your cuteness is Shin. But that's just running close.
^.- Mia Koji/Yugue Nasuti <--me! me!

Shuten's Answer
:: We walk in to see Shuten and Mia Kissing ::
Hey!! give me a sec!........
Oh sorry, anyway on to todays email. What I think huh? I think I'm getting the better part of this deal, I come back to life and hook up with a really cute girl. I like her, she has a big mouth sometimes but I'll live with it. So in short I like it, good idea (sorry Ryo!).
Shin, uh... thanks I guess ^_^ ::blushing::
[mia] ::waving:: oh...shuten...
[Shuten] aw, my work is never done! ^_-

::deep, deep blush:: Ano...On to the rest of the page!

Most Mia and Anubis fans have a particular preference to the so-called "Jewel of Life" episode. (The name of the actual episode escapes me at the moment...) This is the episode in which Anubis, Mia, and Yuli assist the ROnins in defeating Talpa by obtaining a mitama called the Jewel of Life. Now I personally saw a possible attraction between Mia and Anubis a few episodes earlier on, but all doubt fled my mind on the Jewel episode.

Being quite familiar with the doujinshi scene, I began to imagine possiblities...I love doing that sort of thing. I went to quite a few webpages, specifically all of the Mia/Nasuti pages, and what luck! Someone thought on the same wave length as me! I visited the shrine, read all the fanfics (there were three authors at the time), and actually, I got to work! I joined the list (which has just doubled in size, it seems!), and I drew a lot, and I'm still writing my sequel to Ano Toki!

Anyway, I guess I should list my reasons for my pro-Mia-and-Anubis standing...

*** As much as I love the Ronins (especially Cye!!!), I always pictured Mia with someone more mature.

*** Both Mia and Anubis are highly protective, especially towards Yuli. That leads me to believe that they would be excellent parents. (And to prove my point, read Memories and Promises by Royda-san!)

*** Their chemistry is undeniable in the later episodes.

*** The romance compliments their characters so well!

*** Now don't think I have anything against Kayura. I love Kayura (usually. Not more than Mia, though.). But I full-heartedly dispise the thought of Anubis and Kayura as a couple. First off, he'd be robbing the cradle. (According to the official YST books...she's twelve.) Second off, they'd be so boring together. They're both too dark, they'd kinda clash. Think along the lines of double negatives, and you'll see what I mean. They just don't compliment eachother.

*** We have so many fine writers portraying them as a couple...after reading their stories, ifyou still can't even consider the idea, I would recommend you seriously evaluate your taste in writing.

*** If you don't like Mia, consider this--heroes don't always have to fight. Mia is a protector, a nurturer...everything God intended a woman to be. Now if you girls out there (it's mostly girls that hate Mia. If I'm wrong, please correct me, but I haven't met a guy that hates Mia.) find this distasteful or offensive, then you may be either a: Jealous or b: a feminist. Neither of whihc I find admirable.

*** Anubis and Mia are both unlikely heroes. That they have in common.


Here's comments from Kelar-san!

My apologies in advance for my lack of seriousness. There is no coffee in my
house and I'm not handling caffeine withdrawal very well at this hour.
The reasons why Mia and Anubis should be together:

~There'd be no doubts about the children's haircolor.
~Love works fast.
~None of the Ronins have a nifty hat and jingly staff.
~Anubis' hair doesn't do any weird spiking, hanging, flipping, and/or
twisting. No offense to the rest of the boys.
~Cruelty and computers go together.
~Because "Anubis loves Cale/ Sage/ Rowen/ Ryo/ Kento/ Sekhmet/ Dais/
Cye/Whiteblaze."sounds slightly odd.
~Every good girl likes a bad boy. (OK, so technically he's good now but
~When the Ronins were fighting Talpa, Mia probably found baby-sitting
Yule not the most fascinating way to spend the time. Lucky for her Anubis
presented such an *ahem* attractive alternative.
~Because I say so, I'm crazy and I know where you live.

Here are some comments by Royda-san!

Well? Let me see......I did start this list and I think I can come up with
some of my reasons.
1. I think they just look good together. Physically and mentally, they are
both made for each other.

2. Don't you see the chemistry!! The Jewel Of Life episode was proof enough
wasn't it?

3. Since they are two of my favorite characters, I think they deserve to be

I know that those are probably weak reasons but I can't think of anything
more right now. I'll be back with more later.

And our next rant is from Rii-san!

"Why should Anubis and Mia be together???" The answer to that question is
simple. *thinks for a second* Because..... Ummmmm..... Oh here we
go!.......... It's Mia's ultimate revenge!!!!!!! *shadowy look* After being
in the shadows through the whole first season, Mia lost it and thought to
her self "God... That red haired warlord looks good... Oh but it'd make the
Ronin's so mad... Hmmm... MAHAHAHA!!!!!!"... So there you go. She did it out
of spite. Kayura and the Ronins drove her to the arms of evil.... But then
it all worked out when Anubis went good and they lived happily ever
after....... OK,OK so that was a pretty bad reason. The real reason they
belong together is because love works in mysterious ways. There how was
that? ^-^ I just ~had~ to post something.
Oh yeah! And they're also fun to draw as a couple! That's another good

And here's some comments by Katie-san!

Why Mia and Anubis? Could there possibly be a simpler question?
Mia and Anubis just click. The two were made for each other. Throughout
all stories there is always a powerful evil character who turns the tables,
and joins the side of good. Right? Well, ever wonder what makes the change?
One of two reasons. 1) the person likes one of the heroes or 2) it's their
destiny. If the first reason wasn't the case, think Anubis, then once they
have turned they find their soulmate. Perfect example being Anubis and Mia.
Still not good enough for you? Opposites attract. X-evil, and pure of
heart. See the connection? And the lesser reason is they simply look great
together. I myself would go for Anubis if I were Mia. His hair is to die
for, and his eyes and voice are enough to make any baka die happy. If this
still isn't enough for you, then what are you on this page for?!

And here's the latest from Michael-san!
(Do you have ANY idea how much fun it is to say "Maikeru" in Japanese?! I LOVE IT!)

I'm just a simple surfer who really likes your webpage. However, I thought a
few important reasons that Mia and Anubis belong together were left out. So
without further ado, here are my top five reasons Mia and Anubis belong

5) They can both use the same hair-care products.

4) Mia needs Anubis to protect her and Yuli from such things as energy bolts
and other damaging whatnot.

3) Anubis needs Mia to keep his dark side in check

2) Ryo (who of the Ronins had the best chance with Mia) is way to high
maintainance for her: bouts with depression, getting himself beat up,
running off to the woods or the volcano, that big white tiger that would eat
25lb bags of catfood for lunch, etc., etc., etc.

And the #1 reason that Mia and Anubis belong together....

1) They both took backstage to the Ronins for too long and it's about time
they got some of the spotlight.

Time for rants from our latest person on the soap box, Jem1358! Take a look:

Why do Mia and Anubis go good together? I don't know. Maybe we should let
them decide.

Mia: I love him. That's all ther is to it. Leave us alone.
Anubis: Yes. Why do you care anyway?
Mia: Yeah. Why do you care?
Anubis: I mean it's our decision.
Mia: It is. Isn't it.
Anubis: So leave us alone.

There you have it. They love each other. That's why they belong together.
If you don't like it take it up with Mia.

Our newest addition, Anthy-san!

1.) It's fun to write them in song fics. I mean, do you think Kayura or the
guys can sing?
2.) They look SOOOOOOOOO cute together
3.) Can you see Mia with Sekhmet, Dais, or Cale? =^.^=
4.) Their names sound better together. Mia and Anubis; Anubis and Mia; Mia
and Anubis.((Sorry))
5.) They were meant to be! ((Does the word "destiny" mean anything? I got
that from Sailor Moon))
6.) I love writing stories about them. ((If I ever finish them!!))

If you ever wish to add to this list, please, feel free to e-mail me with all of your rants! I will post all of your ravings, and I'd love to add more to this page!

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