There are tons of Ronin Warrior pages out there that are a heck of a lot better than this one. The purpose of this page is to direct you to them. These are all pages about Mia Koji/Yagyu(or Yugue) Nasuti, or Anubis/Oni Masho Shutendouji. Please do me a favor and if you like this page, check out the other ones I have listed here. They're the greatest. (Oh, and for my personal sake, if you like this page, please check out my other webpages, listed at the far bottom.)
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Anubis Pages

The Anubis Archive Probably the best Anubis site I've found on the web. This site has images, info, and is very well-put together.

Anubis's World Some of my Mia/Anubis artwork can also be found here, but nothing that's not already here. ^^ This is another great Anubis page, and is off to a great start!

Anime Age: Anubis: Dark Warlord of Cruelty: A brief profile of Anubis.

Mia Pages

The Nasuti Yagyu Shrine: The first English site dedicated to the wonderful first lady of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. This page uses the Japanese names, so if you don't know them, be sure to have a cross-reference handy! I have just recently become the co-owner of this site with Rekka-san. And I'm not saying this because I'm co-owner...but I personally think this website is the most informative and complete of all the Mia sites on the web. ^^ (So what if I need to update it more often?!) This site includes a huge image gallery, including rare scans of doujinshi, lots of Mia fanart from all over, and even some info on the other Yoroiden ladies!

A Moment of Sympathy: A very nicely done site dedicated to Mia and the Warlords! Rii-chan has contributed some nice artwork to this site, and is a very valuable advocate for the MandA cause, although she seems to prefer the coupling of Mia and Cale. (Sorry, Rii-chan. I don't see it. ^^;) She's my favorite RW fanartist, and if you've been to her site, you'll see what I mean!

Sanjyu Suiso: A Japanese site to Nasuti. I based the spelling of my alias on this site. This site has some wonderful doujinshi pictures of Nasuti, along with other nice pictures, too! I highly recommend this page!

Knowledge is the Key: Mia Koji: Kat-san's page dedicated to Mia Koji. This page has wonderful reasons why Mia is such a cool lass, along with a message board discussing the never-ending debate of who the object of her affections should be! (**coughcoughAnubiscoughcough**)

Mia's Underground--The Mia Koji Fan Club: Shh! Himitsu desu~~! Yes, I am a member. ^^ And you should be, too! If you haven't joined...why the heck not, huh?! Huh?! This member list is growing rapidly.

Broken Reflection: Nasutei: The newest Nasuti/Mia site on the web! Wow! We're growing a lot! This one is just getting started, but it looks great so far! I'll be checking in on this one quite often! This young lady is quite talented with graphics design!

The Soul of the Cherry Blossom: All-RIGHT! Another Mia site?! This is just too cool for words. ^^ This one is made by our dear friend Stephanie, a very busy author over here! ^^ Be sure to check this out! Her poem is on the front page. Such a talented girl!


Anubis and Mia Couple Pages

True Love Lasts Forever: If you haven't been here yet, I'm going to laugh. This is the original site for the wonderful, intelligent, and all-around awesome arguement that Mia and Anubis are meant to be! If you haven't been there already, go here first and foremost! ^^

The Shadow Lair: The newest Mia and Anubis website! This one is extremely interactive, and I highly recommend it! ^^


General Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Pages

The Yoroiden Temple: Probably my favorite YST site on the web. It's very informative, has MP3s of every song you can imagine, and a huge image and fanfiction collection! I highly recommend going here. (Warning: She's a Touma/Rowen fanatic.)

The YSTML Archive: Another great, detailed site. This place has some wonderful images, and I highly recommend going here as well. My second favorite YST site, for sure!


Other Nice Pages

Okay, to be honest with you, this is where I plug my other pages. If you like this page, then please check out some of my other pages. (Some are better, in my opinion. ^^) Well, okay, this is also the place where I put links to my favorite anime's best websites. So once you get past my other website links, you'll be able to see links to my favorite animes of all time...

The Unicorn Academy: My latest and greatest anime series yet! Please oh PLEASE check this page out! I'll be your best friend! I honestly think you'll enjoy it! I seriously do!

Project LIKE: "LIKE" standing for "Lance is (so much better than) Keith, Everyone!" I know, I know, it's a stretch for a name, but cut me some slack! Probably one of my most popular websites to date, this page is the only shrine for Kurogane Isamu/Lance of Golion/Voltron! This includes more of my artwork, along with tons of other people's fanart and fanfiction, along with photos of Lance cosplay,and tons of other great stuff! Please do visit this site, I'm pretty proud of it! (PS: I'm President. ^^;)

Ageis: My first original anime. This page is more than just a fanfic archive. I have soundtracks, image galleries, surveys, message board, you name it! It's getting more popular than ever, it seems, although I don't find it to be half as good as my more recent stories. But hey, if shonen adventure/fantasy/tragedies are your thing, then go for it, and please sign my guestbook! I must admit, this webpage is beautiful.

Lina and Zelgadis Couple Shrine: Another shrine dedicated to another AWESOME anime couple, no matter how people want to argue it! My goal is to get this page as much material as this one does! Check out this page, you won't be sorry! (Zel and Lina FOREVER, man!)

The Official Princess Mononoke Webpage: If you haven't seen this movie yet, what the heck are you doing?! This is the official website to the English version of the Miyazaki masterpiece "The Princess Mononoke" or, how I prefer to call it "Mononoke-hime". Check out this webpage. It wrocks! The best Miyazaki webpage out there. If you don't love Miyazaki, something's GOTTA be wrong with you.

The Hameln Archive: The best website to one of my favorite mangas of all time, Hameln no Baiorin Hiki, or "The Violinist of Hameln". The TV series is downright morbid, that's why I didn't say "anime". The movie is great, however, and I highly recommend going to this site.

The Lost Universe Database: Lost Universe is my favorite anime in existence right now. And who can blame me?! It has a stellar cast, wonderful music, and a tear-jerking storyline! From the makers of Slayers, it would whoop Slayers's butt ANYday, IMO...but I still like Slayers...anyhoo, go here, if you want to get a glimpse of the most wonderful anime of all time. Be sure to download some of the movies!

The Lost Universe RPG on Espernet: I play Neena Marcury! ^^ Yay! I get to swoon over Rail as much as I want! WAI! WAI! WAI!...anyway, this is the webpage full on info. ^^ Check it out. But beware the spoilers! But they give you a nice, gooood warning. ^^ Not that it matters to me.

The Marmalade Boy Fandub: This is the project I never got around to finishing, due to schoolwork and time restraints. If I can get the cast back together once I'm in college, this will be finished! But if you're curious about Marmalade Boy, you can at least see a picture of everyone in the cast...this is another favorite anime of mine. ^^ Oh, in case you're wondering, I do the voices of Meiko and Anju. (And I don't sound like either of them in real life.) And everything there is at least two years old. Bah.

...and I could probably go on forever listing wonderful sites, but I'll stop at this. I will probably add my Starlight Society website once it is up (this is my other recent original anime, and will be up QUITE shortly.)


<---Sorry, I just like this picture so much. Isn't Meiko DARLING?! I love, love, LOVE this series!